UK TE stick pre order for sale

Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is the write forum for this thread or not but most of the talk on the mad Catz sticks goes here so I figured it is as good a place as any. If I am mistaken I appologise and please move this where it belongs.

I have decided to give up on my TE pre order with since I really cant afford it right now. I was about to get the payment refunded (payment in advance) and it occured to me that one of the UK guys on here might appreciate a pre order if they did not get theirs in early enough.

It was ordered on the 25th of Jan and Gameseek are getting regular deliveries of small amounts im told. Ill wait till the end of the weekend so if anyone wants to take over my order just pm me and we can work out sending me 139.99 over paypal or something. Im not gona make any profit on this so dont worry i not one of ‘those’ guys :wink: if you can pay postage its yours at cost.

Thanks for your time guys


ps. i hope I am allowed to post this here. if not I am really sorry.