UK Tekken 5 nationals and team battle results

UK Arcade T5 national results

30 people entered and 2 where a no show.

1st Prodical son - 2005 UK champion
2nd Starscream - 2005 runner up
3rd Veggy
4th Ac-ling
5th Cobra commander
6th ben mishima
7th Super sakey
8th Iron mike

This was a great tournament, level of play was kinda shit due to everybody not playing there normal characters due to crap sticks and people using feng, including myself. I think about 10 people used feng including the top 3 finishers. Vids should be up soon.

Team battle results

16 teams

1st “The Decepticons” Uk
Starscream, Shinjin, Cobracommander

2nd Team “Skankus Maximus III” Uk

3rd Team “MAFIA” Italy
Wonderboy, Sandro , Giordy.

4th Team “Amsterdam Connection” Holland
Lolly Sama, Amature, Stonedog

Lots of very good teams, competition was very high. Hope to see some videos online soon.

Skankus Maximus

The third person in the Skankus Maximus team was Yattajin (using Devil Jin).