UK Tournaments & Regular Sessions


Hey all,

Did a search and couldn’t find any similar threads for the UK, so here goes:

I’ll keep this brief for now… I’m based in the South West UK (Reading) not far from London at all.

The UK scene has changed since I last remember with Neo Empire going down.

Tournament/Casual setup:
Eastfield (Once a month, based in Wolverhampton)
Next date: Saturday 14th November

I’m NOT the official organizer or official promoter, but just a regular guy who wants a good turnout; so don’t hold me accountable if something isn’t as expected.

I’ve also joined this UK SF gaming group:

If anyone is near Reading and wants a regular session, let me know!


Mkvgs - monthly casuals and tourneys for sf4 and 5. there is also ssbm session 20 feb 2016, be there!

For more info:

Location: milton keynes


Let me know if you want any more details


Milton Keynes is a bit far for me dude, I’m gonna try and stick to something in the South if I can and certain parts of London