Uk Vs France 3rd Strike 7-18

The tournament was very good uk players did better than everyone had forseen my prediction was 25-0 and in the end we took 7 games from the french.

PerrieP/dudly corc screw

hatim/ibuki_ninja stars
keisuke/dudly_corc screw

Tournament matches will be on cornertrap for download soon.
The matches where better than all the matches I seen at evolution

By better if you mean more entertaining, that’s probably because the level of comp. wasn’t too wide apart, causing ownage on the weaker players (how Evl was) and the fact that some ppl REALLY turtled didn’t help either, so some match was mind numbing. (see KSK (alex) vs Justin Wong (chun) and you’d know what I mean.

If by better you mean displaying higher skill, then you are a fucking noob.

Who are you? Anyway, Fabien used Shippu, not Shinryuken. Keisuke’s Dudley was really strong, Japanese people are just too good. Next time I won’t let you guys have any Japanese players in the team. Cheers. :smiley:

Hmm i thought that fabien played makoto? At least i thought i read some where i could be on that shit again.

RAIN COLDNESS training for like 10 mins… the conditions were perfects…we were too lucky… (btw i am empror…) next time the matches will be a lot better than what u will see (uk will get better i am 100% sure…)
anyway all the guys were REALLY cool :slight_smile: and keisuke is a japanese player he only used the things that he knew he can do 100% sure… that’s whyall the world say that they have a SOLID gaming style. but anyway IT WAS FUUUUUUUUUN :smiley: hope u the uk players (unhopfully without keisuke who will be in japan…) can come over with the a3 players :slight_smile:


He plays Ken, Gouki and Makoto but Ken is probably his best character at the moment. He didn’t do too well on Saturday though.

I enjoyed playing Keisuke a lot, his play style was indeed very solid and he made very few mistakes. Toward Roundhouse overhead into Corkscrew Blow on reaction OWNS. When he told me that before he left Japan for London, Mester told him that France had very good 3s players I was like :eek: It’s really scary to see that Keisuke isn’t even among the best players in Japan and yet he can still kick ass.

it was mester or mesta?? (is it the same person but with differents pronunciations???)

yo everybody! sorry i couldn’t come :depress: ,what were the detailed results? (who lost to who etc…) you played on DC or arcade? i hope you got some footage. japanese knew about French players?:eek:

I believe mester and mesta are the same person (western and japanese pronunciations).

Detailed results real quick:

Chainplate vs PierreP (aka Airpy): FR
Chainplate vs BillyKane: FR
Chainplate vs Fabien: UK
Chainplate vs M’Barreck: FR
Chainplate vs Wael: FR
Arma vs PierreP: FR
Arma vs BillyKane: FR
Arma vs Fabien: UK
Arma vs M’Barreck: FR
Arma vs Wael: FR
Hatim (aka The Prince) vs PierreP: UK
Hatim vs BillyKane: FR
Hatim vs Fabien: FR
Hatim vs M’Barreck: UK
Hatim vs Wael: FR
Keisuke vs PierreP: FR
Keisuke vs BillyKane: UK
Keisuke vs Fabien: UK
Keisuke vs M’Barreck: UK
Keisuke vs Wael: FR
TheHY vs PierreP: FR
TheHY vs BillyKane: FR
TheHY vs Fabien: FR
TheHY vs M’Barreck: FR
TheHY vs Wael: FR

France: 18 - UK: 7

The matches were all good - crucial; entertaining; fun - has them all. :slight_smile:

I wish that it was camcorder captured tho to get the atmosphere; it was just too good.

Anyway; hope to d/l the matches soon enough, and that I get to play all the french guys next time if I ever see them around these parts again. :slight_smile:

French players played very good, But the tournament was not as good as I thought it was going to be. There was no mad parrying exhibitions which I thought highlevel 3s was all about, But there was lots of mad combos . Anyway most of the matches where close but french played bad in the tournament thay made lots of mistakes which is why uk got some wins. In my opinion If the best uk players played in the tournament it could have gone either way. But the players on the uk team where not the best uk 3s players. The players who played on the team hon(12)/hatim(ibuki) did not play there main chracters.I think that if hatim(urien) and hon who played (12) had played there best characters it could have been even closer. french where missing walid/savio/perrieP who all could have been on the team also and fabien who has probably the best ken in france bar wael played really bad in the tournament .Arma an alpha 3 player who played yun has only been playing 3s for a few short months played the best in the tournament in my eyes,His Yun!!!OMG haha its all about alpha 3 boy!!haha. All in all the tournament went ok. French owned us like we had predicted,But most of us learned alot about 3s and are probably going to start playing 3s if only for fun its a really good game and next time I hope uk players will travel to france to have a rematch.

Im dissapointed i couldnt make it down to this one due to lack of accomodation but im glad Arma got the spot Sheffield represents. Anyway I await seeing the vids and if they do decide to do UK V France 2 ill make sure im down there to get on the team and ill await a nice trip over the channel to france and raise some hell.:wink:

Anyway good going guys ;).

not to be a bad ass but if hatim played urien he wouldn’t have won a single match (they know how to play urien REALLY TOO MUCH). Anyway it was fun for the parry exhib sorry we didn’t do as we expected but u know the whole problem of this night finding the place etc… (u know about that don’t u???). Anyway i hope mbarreck showed u during the night his true powers :slight_smile: and really really i hope u guys can come over for a rematch and this time u will surely have 2 teams to play against :slight_smile: so lotta challenge. Btw chunkis u are really a cool person and U OWN EVERYONE at everything as u say on the channel :smiley: .

Srwilson i told ya man if u come down u’ll have a place where to stay there is no doubt about that. PREPARE YOURSELF TO MEET YOUR FATE :evil:

I played Hatim’s Urien on Friday. Honestly, I gotta agree with Wael here, his Ibuki seemed somehow stronger.

You know for sure ill have a place to stay Wael? ;)Why can i stop with you or summet :smiley: we can have a tea and scone and then massacre each other on 3S heheh.

You fear my GOUKI boy!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm anyone in france use Yang on SA3? (im picking up Yangs SA3) I use him on 2 usual just wondered if there any good SA3 Yang players there?

Hey wilson it`s all about playing armas akuma when you can consistantly bang up arma then maybe you can think about comming to london. Also get arma to show you what tricks Mbarrack has, His akuma was the best akuma I have even seen and if you really want to become as good as him you wil have to copy his tatics and try to improve on his style of play. He plays akuma_3.Also billykane ya man I know what you mean hatim sucks…lol his tatics are old maybe after watching mbarrck he will stick with ibuki. Weal one problem uk players have is no place to stay we can get eurostar but we would need to stay at a house or cheap hotel. Plus we want to come and play all night to learn 3s. but I think after the tournament is where the real fun is, If uk players can stay at a house and play all night this would make the trip really good for us. But the ball is in your court now You decide when you want a rematch and we will come to france.


Your maaaaaam

No am going to be in Ireland, But I mean how the fuck are you going to get to london for the ranking battle, Is arma going to have to hold your hand again all the way to london and change your nappies for ya ? I mean last time I got on a plane flew all the way back to england just to play you, And for what you went home cuz you shit your pants and needed a nappy change…lool:sweat:

SrWilson. Your akuma sucks shit. you’re gonna get brutalized by everyone.