Uk Vs France 3rd Strike 7-18

first of all, if you had any BRAINS, and if I had actually intended HIT the CHARACTER, NOT the opponent, you would have detected the sarcasm. But the fact that you didn’t REALIZE that I MEANT hit the OPPONENT (AKA PERSON AKA REAL LIFE GUY AKA PERSON BESIDE YOU) makes you a stupid idiot. The lesson endeth here.

By “opponent” that could be interpreted in many ways, as to what we all probably thought was the character in the game, ESPECIALLY the way you wrote that statement.

Besides that, your biggest mistake was poorly separating the character the opponent is using and the opponent himself/herself.

Don’t expect people to understand your poorly writen post, and call them a stupid ass for not understanding your nonsense.

I picked up another mistake in the original post, sorry for the late correction. Like Fabien, Chainplate used Shippu as his SA. Who the hell still uses Shinryuken anyway? :slight_smile:

SrWilson, no offense mate but it’d be nice if you could show up at (let alone win) a tourney before you start claiming you’re one of the best players in the UK or talking about other respected players such as M’Barreck. It doesn’t seem respectful for the players who did prove themselves. I personally know several people who have played against you and weren’t exactly impressed so stop saying everyone here knows you’re good. Until you go to a tournament and prove it it doesn’t mean shit.

Players who win tournaments > Players who lose in tournaments > Players who never show up

You knew about the qualifiers more than a month beforehand. If you were really willing to come, you’d have found a way (Arma came from Sheffield as well and other players stayed in hotels). Same with Absolution last summer, where you left before the actual tournament. Why ask for more 3s events when you already don’t show up to the ones that already exist?

Fabien and TheHY played you and both thought you were nowhere near tournament level (you already know this). The reason I didn’t mention them initially is because I didn’t want them to have anything to do with this. I really doubt Fabien spites you since he doesn’t even go online and can’t even understand English. By the way, I thought several meant “more than one”. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this, you know English isn’t my first language.

I don’t spite you, I’m just sick of hearing your BS when the true English players always show up at tournaments and try to give their best while you stay home claiming to be a top player on the internet. And as far as I know, none of the other French players really give a damn about you (except maybe Wael since you’re friends). It’s the truth, you’re not one of the better players in the UK until you at least place in a tournament, dude.

LOL I was beating them up in casual play at the hotel, of course you wouldnt belive that coz you spite me and belive your friends and no i wasnt playing my best coz it was casual play so think about that. nor were they either so who knows.
and i asked for several people not 2 peeps who spite me one you know does and the other can be easily told by the other about me.
sighs you know its like i said a while ago I could go to London beat em all out fuck even go to france beat em all out <---- talkin theoretic not for real then come home and I’ll still get someone come along and say I suck or hate on me why coz as you know most of the peeps hate me as a person and you know that from CT.

mind you abs tourny was screwed anyway as bad sticks ruined it and as for the 5 on 5 I did know ages in advance but I still had no one to stay with arma went and he had onny to put him up so he was covered fair enough but i didnt have that so what was I meant to do?

ok here is the point where u are wrong steve if u come down to paris and beat us even if people start talking bullshit about you i am sure 1000% (billykane will say it is true too) that we would all back u up… but u have first to come down man… and as i told you if u come to paris u will have a place where to stay… (my place…)

You’re old enough to find a place to stay yourself. Yeah, you were beating them up just like when you say you’re 50 times better than Arma. That’s definitely not what I was told. And Fabien doesn’t spite you, he can’t even communicate with the other UK guys. It doesn’t matter if it was just casual play, since you did not play in the tourney (you never do) you can’t be judged on anything else.

You said that anyone in the UK will guarantee you’re good. Just letting you know that it’s not true. The sticks at the Absolution tourney might have been fucked but Fabien still went and won the tourney anyway, and he came all the way from another country.

This is not about hate, it’s about backing up your shit.

You did tell me that on IRC. The reason Arma gets props is because he enters tournaments and you don’t. He proved he was good, you did not. Nothing to do with spite, just pure facts.

How dare I take some respected players’ words over your BS? I wonder… I’ll tell Fabien and TheHY you said they were stupid, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and respect you even more now. I can’t wait until I play you because you never show up at any tournament. We came all the way from Paris to meet and play the UK players. The best players in the UK all showed up. You did not.

Do you think I’m going to believe you’re coming to Paris when you can’t even travel to London to enter a tournament? I’ll be glad to play you, but the truth is that as usual, you won’t come.

SrWilson, just admit you’re not a top player in UK. I understand it will crush your little soul, but it’s better than living a lie. And stop using others victories as your victories because they are NOT. Just because you can beat that Arma dude, and he placed well, does NOT mean you would place better. Tournaments are where people actually FOCUS and try everything to win. So your casual victories don’t mean much come tourney time. Basically, stop using lame excuses to pardon your pathetic self.

Oh you’re still saying you beat me down?

Ok, i’ve kinda had enough of hearing this kinda shit. Steve, what the fuck? You don’t beat me down, you rely on one move, you turtle like fuck, and you fear losing more than anything… You say you play “casual” that’s not true at all, you play every single game like you NEED to win…

Fuck you man, this is the last time I take this kinda shit from you again, i’ve done my best to help you out, listen to you talk utter shit over the year i’ve known you - Man look where it got me? Mad dissin’ and hate…

I never asked to be dubbed a “great player”, Fuck i’m new to this game? How long have you played it?

Sounds like sour grapes and jealousy to me… Get over it, like i’ve just got over you…

Find your own feet from now on.

While i agree with your post, I just wanna say that hating on turtling and use of “one move” (or 3) doesn’t make a person bad. I turtle like hell but I can also break someone down offensively. I just find turtle easier to do and less risky.

Use = abuse, but turtling is a valid strategy - agreed.

wilson don’t be mad cause ppl think you are a loser and you suck cock at 3s (even though u proclaim urself Gouki master)…lol :lol:

I’ve told most people I know that you have a good Akuma… Most people aren’t denying that since they believe me, but when you spout utter crap online about how you’re this great player, yet NEVER show up to events - it kinda wears thin you know?

Since when do friends diss each other too?

You made your own bed, now you have to sleep in it. Don’t expect me to tuck you in all the time…

</king of analogy>

Also, you expect me to back you up? How come?

These people you argue with are my friends too, can’t you see it from my POV?

OK. Time to add some little notes of my own. stop sighing at the back.

fact 1 - you can never back up your claims because you never represent

this is the core of billy’s argument and it is VALID. screw that bullshit about not having a place to stay. as far as i know neither ssongro or vince had been to london much before, and they stayed in a hotel ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN. but they did fine. why? because by christ they are adults and not little girls.

fact 2 - because you do not represent, you cannot possibly gauge what will happen

you talk a lot of self-pitying bullshit about “hey if i went folks would still hate me”. here is the news; you don’t know that. fuck, maybe folks WON’T like you, but at least you can say you entered.

also you seem to equate being able to take a couple of wins off arma as being as good as him. but you know what? on thursday night we played and it was semi-even. it was great! and then the tourney came and he fucked me over so much. because to succeed in tournies you need to have a certain fearlessness. you have NEVER played arma int hat sort of atmosphere, so you can’t really say whether you’re on the same level or not.

you seem to take the fact that arma got into the UK team as some sort of self-vindication; well fuck you. i was there when you were belittling his win on friday night, saying “i wish i was there because i can beat him and i would have got through”. you hear me? fuck you. he’s only ever been decent towards you and you throw that shit back in his face, saying shit like “i hope he comes back with an owned sticker on him”. man if i was him i’d have told to fuck off a long time ago, but he’s more partient than me.

so come on; come to london. prove yourself. don’t hide behind false excuses. thehy played you; he says you’re not all that. fabien played you; he says you’re not all that. arma plays you often; he says you’re not all that.

and p.s; i have NEVER seen someone remain hated if they do well at a game, unless they are dry as fuck.

think about it. and apologise to gaz for being such a wanker.

p.p.s, arma will not defend you on IRC if you ARE being a twat.

get over it.

I said you had a good Akuma, that doesn’t mean to say I said you were good at 3s…

Weigh up the time i’ve played and the time you’ve played… Make your own decisions.

The very fact that you say that you think you’re great, one of the best, whatever shows your true personality and attitude.

Not a single person I know says such shit. Whoa, it seems it’s the only thing you need to cling to as it’s the only thing you’re “good” at.

You started in late 2001? How does that account for the time you spent playing in Crystal Peaks? See how your lies comes back to you in the end? I bet you feel kinda stupid now eh?

I can’t believe it’s took me this long to realise that you’d never change. I think you better stick to playing Scott as i’m out of the picture - see you in London, or some arcade should they get it.

As for the comp; I got props because I deserved them. You didn’t! You weren’t there. These are the facts.

You Sir, are a jealous little boy that needs to grow some balls, live up to your hype, and not in fear.