[UK]West Midlands/Midlands Private/Public Arcade Club Market Research


hello humans;

theorising opening a private or perhaps public arcade club in the midlands area[more specifically west midlands]; focused around fighting games and intially the street fighter series- i want a POTENTIAL headcount for those interested, with a simple YAY or NAY

this is in theory status atm, so don’t get hopes up for anything practical for 6 months+ as i deliberate whether to have it at a private residence or whether i intend to go through the rigomorale of licensing and/or engaging with public homo sapiens.

so yeah. interested YAY

not interested NAY[or don’t vote, lol.]


Wouldn’t you get a better response in the UK thread in the World section?


hey, yeah

shortly after posting this i realised, think it was lateral thinking as i intended to ask in the tech column if anyone had knowledge of licensing laws/setting-up arcades and also tutorials for maintenance on arcade machines

i have posted this exact one in the world section, under the u.k. scene, so if you reply i will await to converse: otherwise, i will delete in a few days.