UK. Where you at? GoUKGoUKGoUK


So it’s Evo 2012 Day 3 and I’m looking at the stream chat and seeing so many fellow blokes.
(I didn’t by a HD pass thing cos I LOVE 240p!)

It’s good to see so much interest in fighting games (coming from the UK) and I think we need to do something! Some guys suggested GGPO so we can all play regardless of the consoles we own. Seems like a good idea to me.

As for games, I don’t mind. Alpha 2/3, Third Strike and MvC1 are all good! :slight_smile:
Let’s get something started.



Yeah, I almost wrote “Don’t just type Neo Empire”.
I know it exists but I like using SRK and I’m sure a lot of other people from the UK do too. Besides all the dudes in the stream chat use this site, I imagine. Anyway, Neo Empire is pretty dead.


Neoempire is shit. Just use that site for Events info.


Check worldwide matchmaking for UK threads.


Yeah, I meant to make this thread there but that part of the forum was down last night, for me anyway. In fact all of SRK went down for me as I was making this thread. I thought it hadn’t been made. :confused:

Sooooo, where all the UK players at? I wanna play some Sakura in Alpha 2! XD


I am the UK! :stuck_out_tongue: God, it was crazy still being awake at 7AM to watch EVO.


Haha! Me too. I fell asleep at around 7:30AM. I don’t remember any Street Fighter though. XD


I remember watching Infiltration beat Daigo, and then I was like “it’s time to sleep!” lol. Good times indeed. It’s a shame more UK heads haven’t replied to this, you’d think that there wasn’t a lot of us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!

Amazingly I woke up at 10AM! :slight_smile:
Yeah, we need more blokes in here!
I really wanna start doing some events or a meet up for casuals… or anything really. GGPO games sounds fun.

You don’t by any chance live around Cambridgeshire, do you? :smiley:


I wish I did! I am in London. 10AM, not possible. :smiley: I was up at 2PM I believe. We could do GGPO, Although I am not sure about meeting up, as the distance is kinda crazy. Are you on XBL?


edit: nvm, found a London Arcade thread.
edit2: ok, the london arcade thread is deeply hidden… I’ll keep this up here as well.

So, I’m going to travel from Germany to London(25th to 31th July) and I want to know where exactly I can go to play some MVC, SFXT, SG, AE.
Traveled to London several times already but I’ve only been in Gamer Base in Trocadero so far. What about the Casino Arcade? Is competition still there?


I believe WinnerStaysOn happens on every Thursday, so you could go there. There’s an arcade in Goodge Strret, which isn’t too far from the station.


I really want to go to a WinnerStaysOn but I can’t drive and my brother (who can drive) works on Thursdays. :confused:
Looks like I’m gonna have to make an effort to get to London some time this summer though.

Good luck to you Jokyu! As for Casino, I’m not sure If you’ll find great competition in there. Depends, I guesss.

Hey Intuitive, you got PS3?


I actually don’t. But, we will have some games on GGPO, if you fancy it?


Awesome! My PC is erm… in a bad way atm. XD
Got blue screen o’ death yesterday, not even kidding.

Gonna re-format it tomorrow hopefully! :slight_smile: Then I’ll set up GGPO again and get the PS3 controller drivers.


I understand about those blue screens! When you’re up and running, give me PM. :slight_smile:


Will do.
Gotta any preference on GGPO games?


Winnerstayson is tuesdays and thursdays alternating weeks I think at gamerbase. Might be up for some GGPO too, do they do events and stuff at Goodge street, that arcade was always good for beat em ups even 15 years ago :slight_smile:


Just need to adjust some port setting type things and my GGPO will be ready.
I’ll do it tomorrow.

Sup, Cherryroms. :slight_smile: