UK - Wire To Mod Joysticks

I have looked in the forums and can’t find any links to where I can get decent wire to modify my joysticks, the place I used to get wire from has closed down. I have been to the local maplins in 3 areas and none of them stock any wire … so if there are any UK heads here who modify joysticks can you please give me the links to the best place to get wire to modify my joysticks. My sega saturn hori stick is in need of a face lift and new parts.

Thank you for your help

try this place

Use ethernet cables.

agreed use ethernet cables

ethernet, easy to get, works well.

Try eBay for a cheap deal.

Above 50m the price almost triples, but check out this one:

Should last you a while…

Personally, I just sacrifice damaged or un-needed USB cables left over from mods - the average control pad/stick cable will be enough to feed two sticks from scratch if dual modding.