Ult. Rugal Glitch on XBOX?


I was just playing around with him in C-Groove and stumbled across something very bizzare. I was doing a lev. 2 qcf, hcb+MP super and after hitting the character I then tried to cancel that into qcf, hcbx2 +Lp,(because I was trying to do the same super but with a level 1 version ) and it turned out to be the level three super where he grabs you and starts to shoot his energy into you as skulls come out at a level one instead of reseting into a level 3.( I was playing against Iori in practice mode and only was able to do this twice.) Will someone else try this out? The shadow for the other part was blue by the way. I did it more than once, but only twice it connected. Will someone try this out to see if I’m right? If you can’t do it, its because your too slow, too fast. Remember, Lp version(qcf, hcbx2 Lp)

Thank you…


Wait what? It sounds like you just had infinite super so you accidently canceled into his level 3 which I believe is a hcbx2 and kick move and you can press any of the kicks and get it to happen. You probably just accidently hit kick. And the shadow was blue because everytime after you cancel into another super from level 2 the shadow stays blue. No matter what. So yeah no glitch.


No, no. I hit Lp, no kicks at all. I just tried Shin Akuma by doing his super shoryuken qcfX2Mp. Let it do three hits and then do his Level 3 super(it cancels) with hcbX2 LK and it will take half damage(it has BLUE SHADOWS!). The Ult. Rugal was a blue shadow when I canceled a lv. 2 super qcf, hcb, then MP into a qcf, hcbX2 LP. (I tried just the hcb as well, it works!) (in C-Groove).

The problem is when the player bounces off the wall, you have to time it and do it right after the last super. Or you can just cancel during the first super. Its not an infinite. If it is, then how can I make it an infinite on practice?

Please try again, anyone. Thank you for trying it KabukiMono. I think this may be a glitch for the XBOX. Then again, you maybe right. I’ve never done that in CvS2 before until today anyway.

Thank you.


Never mind. I tried the first part of the super (qcf, hcb MP) and then canceled it into a LP,LP,f,LK,HP (The 15 hit super). Thanks anyway. (But then again, it could be a glitch?)


what? raging demon(lp lp, f, lk…) is a GRAB. It cannot be comboed. However, cancel it from a lvl 2 and the shadow will be blue, as explained above.

Only morrigan can combo a raging demon since the first hit is in fact a hit, and not a grab.