Ultimarc Ultrastik 360

has anyone used one of these?


it looks pretty sturdy, but i dont want to waste any cash when a HAPP or Sanwa is much better.

this is sanwa JLW+ Hall effect PCB
-excellent thing to PC - USB
-it was it been possible to connect 8 buttons (USB only) (custom AS:)
-programmable diagonals, engage - this is amazing
-support 2 restrictors: circle GT-0, square GT-8N, you must buy if you have play on fighters. W/O throw is too long

  • easy register special move

need +5V
slow centres to center (dash, run sucks) it was it been possible to buy some more harder spring

I didn’t understand all that you posted there. Are you sayihng this is just a Sanwa stick? What is a Hall Effect PCB?

English isn’t his thing but he knows his stuff. He is saying it is a Sanwa JLW stick with a PCB to make it optical. Kinda like the homemade Sanwa flash some guys on here were trying to do.

Thanks. Why is “programmable diagonals, engage - this is amazing” amazing? Sorry, new to all of this if this is supposed to be obvious.

There is better than optics. Exact and reliable.

Good joke, only Happ49 could program range of diagonal.