Ultimate All Shooter

So why is there not a thread on this.

What are your thoughts on this. Anyone try it with friends yet?
Also, anyone know how to unlock the different paths?

I think this mini-game is really fun. The only path I know how to go through is A-C-D-F which is the right side of the pyramid and the only thing that remained consistent was the path I took and not dying.

So if you don’t die you’ll go through the right side of the pyramid… but that’s the only condition-path association that I’ve been able to figure out. :frowning:

I think the paths is consistent with the Character you choose. I could be wrong, but I always get A-C-D-F with PTX-40A. I don’t usually die with him though cuz he’s the best one out of the 4 so idk. lol

If you wanna get zenny’s faster than Arcade mode, go for it, 2 or 3 million instead of just 800, what a good deal.

Have you noticed that some big bugs has Gouki’s sign on their back XD?

I think I figured out how to determine which path you want to take. If you don’t use sub-weapons or specials during the stage, you’ll go to the left. Otherwise, you’ll go to the right. I was testing out different theories, like scores, certain characters, etc. This seemed to be the only theory that worked.

Hmm. I never thought of testing wether sub weapons choose your path. I have yet to get to the left most path, but have gotten every other path… I’ll have to try it out. I went on a spree going through as PTX-40A for money in the shop, and using just his machine gun and shotgun on the first stage, and one special? on every boss after that I get the right most path every time. A>C>F>J

And yes, this mini game is :the: easiest way to get money for the shop. As long as you score over 4000 I’m almost positive you’ll get 3 million every time, and it takes about 10 minutes flat to complete it if you spam shotguns on bosses as PTX-40A. I’m actually thinking the shotgun does more damage to bosses then his special as long as you’re right next to them… Hmm.

And I mine as well ask what everyones highest score was and as what character, and if there’s somewhere they keep track of high scores on Capcom’s site, like they did with Brawl and arena scores on Brawl’s dojo. ^^ I got 4425 as PTX-40A once, normally I get around the 4200 mark though.

Nice Find MisterFoo!! Maybe I can finally encounter all kinds of Akrid! Lol