Ultimate All-Stars Doronjo/Blade Camera Glitch


If you perform Doronjo’s ball super and immediately punish with Blade’s Air Ram super. Blocking at the end of Blade’s super will cause him to never land, floating away from the screen and thus zooms the camera out infinitely as far as the game goes. The match can never end, either. Weak.

Credit to gsynth for the assistance.

Now this is the best excuse for patching / DLC.

That made me lol! The match ended in a stalemate.

It was kool seeing trainin stage zoomed out though. Didnt know it was that big. You should try it on other stages just for fun!

So you think this will get some kind of ban treatment similar to the gambit glitch in MvC2?

This doesn’t need ban, needs a fix, urgently. I mean, How can I prevent the other guy not to pull off a super move if the Doronjo player screws up like that? Plus, the situation and conditions don’t look odd or anything else, Blade has the right to punish Doronjo’s counter move with anything Blade has in his arsenal, instead of the Gambit / Ruby Heart glitch which depends on Gambit / Ruby Heart players only.

As bullshit as this is, I don’t think we’d see it much in competitive play anyway, I don’t think good Doronjo players would leave themselves so open. All the same, this is pretty stupid.

Edit: Aerial blocking doesn’t fix anything, but I just tested out an alternate punish. Counter the super with 236+A xx 236 super. The 236+A will hit Doronjo and her minion, disrupting Doronjo’s super from even happening, and the super will combo, doing more damage then a plain super punish. So, Blade can still punish Doronjo’s super on response, it’s just stupid that he can’t do it the way shown in the video.

This is one of those things covered in the catch-all tournament rule of “triggering a game-ending or game-crashing glitch will cause a restart on the game”

Damn this sucks

yeah guys remember how tournaments in CGoH were forever ruined when people discovered the V. Joe VAR glitch?

Yeah that was shitty.

I also remember how the gambit glitch ruined marvel forever.

LOL!! sad, but LOL!

According to what i tried, the only way to make Blade return is summoning Gyakuten-oh. But still, he continues to fly and go off the screen. The only way to make it return is Gyakuten-oh’s laser.

This is hilarious. This falls under the Ken neutral throw Makoto category.

Just. Don’t. Do it.

I punish all kinds of supers like these which have a little startup but not too much. Just enough to keep you safe and do chip damage or whatnot. Like Morrigan’s missle super.

I would have definitely tried it against Doronjo’s super ball, I just haven’t met any Doronjos online.

If I remember correctly, any attack that interrupts Blade’s last hit during his Crash Intrude causes this glitch.

That’s pretty sick. I’ll have to remember that…not that I’d use boiler ball in such a situation though.

So would the TBlade player get the penalty if this happened in tourney play?

In the video thread, there’s another example of this happening when Blade uses Crash Interlude against Yatterman-2 and gets hit by her robot after his super finishes.

So now Blade players aren’t allowed to use Crash Interlude while the robot is active? How else can we deal with this?

This bug *really *needs to be fixed.

(… it gives a whole new meaning to the name Crash Interlude)

Edit: Crash Intrude, rather.

Haha, yeah Tron and I did this glitch last Friday, except with Y-2 and Blade.

You cant really ban a super because that would be dumb. Yea the glitch needs to be fixed especially since Yatter 2 and Blade are popular characters being used. Hell If I am waiting for the robot to run out because if I can land a super I will. They probably should have done a better job at testing the new characters.

This is hilarious.

But at the same time it’s pretty sad that it occurs because of Tekkaman’s most used super. It can easily happen in tournament matches. :shake: