Ultimate Arm, Bionic Arm. UMvC3 Spencer Combo Thread



:l: = Light Attack
:m: = Medium Attack
:h: = Heavy Attack
:s: = Special
:atk: = :l: or :m: or :h:
:atk::atk: = :l:+:m: or :l:+:h: or :m:+:h:
, = link
|> = land
() optional part of combo
sj = super jump
j. = aerial/jumping
~ = Move followup (e.g. :qcf::l:~:h: means using Wire Grapple :l: and using the :h: followup.)
OTG = Off The Ground* (A move that can hit OTG is capable of hitting the opponent after they’ve been knocked down, picking them up off the ground.)*
TK = tiger knee (motion entered as :qcf::uf:, button press delayed until airborne to use the move faster than you could just jumping and entering motion.)
jcc = jump cancel cancel* (motion entered as :qcf::uf:, button press delayed less than in TKing such that you cancel :s: to a super jump and immediately cancel jump startup to the grounded special move you want to use.)*

Important concepts for Spencer combos
Despite a limited number of moves, Spencer has quite a large number of ways to extend his combos, and especially in the corner maximizing damage is all about knowing how to use his various tools. Because different situations and especially assist-based extenders can change what you can do beyond the scope a simple list of combos can cover, first we should go over various important things to note.

Unscaled Vertical Grapple
The most important thing. ground :qcf::h:~:l: deals unscaled damage; regardless of where it is in the combo, the :l: followup to vertical Wire Grapple hits for 80k. It would not be an exaggeration to say that maximizing Spencer’s damage, for any given meter investment, is a matter of finding as many times as possible to connect an unscaled vertical grapple. But note that to do this, you have to be relatively under the opponent, so you need to set it up. As a rule, stuff like :l: :m: :h: :s: jcc :qcf::h: against a grounded opponent will not hit; they’re not above you, so the wire will always miss. Various ways to set it up are discussed later and throughout this thread.

Zipline Pushing
Zipline (ground :b: or :ub: or :u: or :uf: or :f: + :s:+:atk:, air :b: or :db: or :d: or :df: or :f: + :s:+:atk:; hereon notated as a direction + zip, for instance :f:zip) seems like purely a mobility tool, and in fact does very little damage, but notably it has unscaled hitstun. No matter where in your combo you do Zipline, the opponent will be unable to recover for the same amount of time. This allows yourself to maneuver into the correct position to do various things even late in a combo.

Wallbounce Preservation
Air Wire Grapple (j.:qcf::atk:) can normally only be followed up once in a combo, as it uses up your wallbounce. But if an assist is called at the right time, the opponent can be hit after being picked up OTG before they’d be wallbounced, and you can do a followup without actually using the wallbounce, though you’ll need a long assist like Amaterasu’s Cold Star or Dante’s Jam Session to recover and do a really strong followup. It’s worth nothing that this can also be done after you’ve used your wallbounce if need be. The exact followup to do will of course depend on the situation and the assist.

Fixed Knockdown
j.:qcf::atk: has an interesting property wherein it inflicts a fixed knockdown upon the opponent if you use it after having already used up your wallbounce. They always get up in the same spot and cannot roll. After a long knockdown where you’re free to move, such as after an air :s: spike close to the ground or a Reel in Punch (the :l: followup to ground wire grapple), you can super jump up before using a j.:qcf::h: to force a knockdown they recover from just before you land, allowing you to come down with a j.:s: or not and have immediate mixup. At times you can’t, such as after Bionic Maneuvers, you can TK j.:qcf::h: and come down with a j.:m:. Any other move will be cancelled by landing just a bit too early, but j.:m:'s animation lifts Spencer up, allowing it to just barely hit.

Various Extenders, or Create Your Own Spencer Combo

:s: sj j.:m:, (delay) j.:df:zip, (delay) j.:h: |> :qcf::h:~:l:
Very strong thing to chain into at the start of a combo. In the corner, hits everyone; midscreen, fails against Rocket Raccoon always and is generally impractical against Arthur. Note that, since the j.:df:zip ends when it touches the edge of the screen, you generally can’t do this out of a chain that begins with you in the corner of the screen (not necessarily the corner of the stage) or else you’ll go past them with the zipline. It’s good as long as you’re even just a little bit out of the corner, though.

TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: ( :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l:
Corner only. Valid only near the beginning of a combo. jcc version will not hit Firebrand, Arthur, Zero, Morrigan, Akuma, Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccoon, Wolverine, or X-23. :h: :qcf::h: version is less damaging but works on all of those characters except Rocket Raccoon and Viewtiful Joe.

TK j.:qcf::m:, j.:s: :f:zip, :df:zip |> ( :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l:
near corner, or if in corner first backstep so that you can hit the opponent with j.:qcf::m:. :s: jcc version is valid in combos without assists, but if you use much in the way of assist extenders you have to do the version without it. If your combo has multiple hypers and/or assist calls, you won’t be able to connect this.

TK j.:qcf::h:, j.:s: (just before landing) |> :qcf::h:~:l:
Corner only. Often valid, but if you started a combo in the corner and did the TK j.:qcf::s: to UVG extender you won’t be able to get this. Due to the j.:qcf::m: one being stronger and more reliable, this is best when you can’t do that, for instance just after pushing the opponent to the corner with a Bionic Maneuvers.

TK :qcf::h:, j.:s: (just before landing) |> :qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk: or TK :qcf::h:, j.:d::s:+:atk: |> :qcf::h: :qcf::atk::atk:
Though this is in the video, it’s outdated. Best not to do it.

TK :qcf::h:, :df:zip :db:zip |> :qcf::h:~:l:
The “criss cross” ender has become standard when you can’t get anything else, if you have a wallbounce you can always get this. To connect it against smaller opponents, hold down before the TK to avoid super jumping.


[j.:m: j.:h: :df:zip :s: |> :uf:j] xN
Where N is usually 2. This is the standard zip loop, also known as the G.X. loop after the player who popularized it. You can transition into this from various things, but it’s most useful in a ground combo far from the corner.


Basic Combos

If the starter doesn’t matter, it’s stated as :d::l: as this is generally the lowest damage starter you could do and the associated damage is a baseline value.

Far from corner, 0 to 2 meter
:d::l: :d::m: :d::h: :uf:zip j.:m: |> :uf:j [j.:m: j.:h: :df:zip :s: |> :uf:j] x2 j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: :f:zip :f:zip :df:zip :d::h: :qcf::h:~:l:
0 meter: TK :qcf::h:, :df:zip :db:zip |> :qcf::h:~:l: (630.7k, gains 1.2 meter)
1 meter: :qcf::atk::atk:, TK :qcf::h:, :df:zip :db:zip |> :qcf::h:~:l: (722.2k, gains 1.2 - 1 meter)
2 meter: :qcf::atk::atk:, TK :qcf::h:, :df:zip :db:zip |> :qcf::h:~:l: :qcf::atk::atk: (913.7k, gains 1.2 - 2 meter)
Zip loop combo. See the above video for more information. Strong, reliable. Fails on Tron, alternate ender required on Sentinel/Rocket Raccoon as detailed in the video.

From a bit behind midstage, 0 or 1 meter
:d::l: :d::m: :h: :s: sj j.:m: slight delay j.:df:zip, slight delay j.::h: |> :qcf::h:~:l: dash a short bit TK j.:qcf::m:, j:s: j.:f:zip j.:df:zip |> :s: jcc :qcf::h:~:l:,
0 meter: sj j.:qcf::h: (580.4k, gains .8 meter)
1 meter: TK j.:qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk: (775.5k, gains .95 - 1 meter)
Against RR/Arthur or if you started from screen corner, better to do a zip loop combo (above). The alternate combo shown in the following video is obsolete.


Midstage to corner, 0 or 1 meter
:d::l: :d::m: :h: :s: sj j.:m: slight delay j.:df::s:+:atk:, slight delay j.:h: |> :qcf::h:~:l: (dash up) TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: ( :s: jcc vs larger characters) :qcf::h:~:l:, backstep TK j.:qcf::m:, j:s: j.:f:zip j.:df:zip |> ( :s: jcc if you skipped the previous :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l:, end with sj j.:qcf::h: (692.4k, gains 1.15 meter) or :qcf::atk::atk: (883.9k, gains 1.25 - 1 meter) (on certain characters can link :qcf::s: before :qcf::atk::atk: for +18k damage)
Midscreen, against Arthur or if you started from screen corner, replace the sj j.:m: slight delay j.:df::s:+:atk:, slight delay j.:h: |> :qcf::h:~:l: with sj j.:m: j.:m: j:h: j.:df::s:+:atk: j.:s:. In the corner.
Against RR/Joe, TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: :qcf::h:~:l: won’t connect; do TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: :qcf::l:~:l: instead.

Midstage to corner, 2 meter

:d::l: :d::m: :h: :s: sj j.:m: slight delay j.:df::s:+:atk:, slight delay j.:h: |> :qcf::h:~:l:(dash up) TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: ( :s: jcc vs larger characters) :qcf::h:~:l:, backstep jump j.:qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk:, TK j.:qcf::h: (delay) :df:zip :db:zip |> :qcf::h:~:l::qcf::atk::atk: (1046.5k, gains 1.05-2 meter)
Notes are as above. The 1 meter version of this combo sets up sj j.:qcf::h: to :s: but is obsoleted by the ability to use safe jump j.:m: off of TK :qcf::h: in the previous combo’s 1-meter version, which is much better guaranteed damage.


From a command throw, it’s usually best to go into zip loops midscreen or a quick :m: :h: UVG in the corner to finishing a corner combo. Against Sentinel, or Tron midscreen, TK a bionic comber into whatever basic combo you can.

"It's not X you should worry about - it's me!" - The UMvC3 Zero Combo Thread
George of the Urban Jungle?: Get a newbie's Spencer tournament viable

Throw Combos

In the corner, ground or air throw
(TK) j.:qcf::h:, falling j.:s: (just above ground) |> :qcf::h:~:l: TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: ( :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l: :qcf::atk::atk: (565k, gains .7 - 1 meter)


Reverse corner to near corner from air back throw/behind midstage from air forward throw, 0-1 meter
|> normal jump to moderate height j.:qcf::h:, :df:zip |> :m: :h: :s: sj j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: :f:zip :f:zip :f:zip :s: (214.4k, gains .7 meter)
1 meter: TK j.:qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk: (421.1k, gains .7 -1 meter)
Can technically be done from forward ground throw starting with TK :qcf::m:, but this is extremely tight, possibly one frame unbufferable, so I wouldn’t bother.


Behind midstage to corner, air forward throw (not minimum height), 0-1 meter
(without landing) j.:qcf::s:, :m: :d::h: :s: sj j.:m: (delay) :df:zip, (delay) j.:h: |> :qcf::h:~:l:. (dash up) TK j.:qcf::m:, falling :s: :f:zip :df:zip :s: :qcf:h:~:l: (415.9k, gains .85 meter)
1 meter: :qcf::atk::atk: (607.4k, gains .85 - 1 meter)

Midstage to corner, air forward throw (not minimum height), 2 meter

(without landing) j.:qcf::s:, :m: :d::h: :s: sj j.:m: (delay) :df:zip, (delay) j.:h: |> :qcf::h:~:l:. (dash to correct position) TK j.:qcf::s: (shockwave only hit) :qcf::atk::atk:, TK :qcf::h: :df:zip: :db:zip: :qcf::h:~:l: :qcf::atk::atk: (788.4k, gains 0.85 - 2 meter)
Requires fairly specific positioning, but if you’re already in the corner before the bomber on everyone but sent and hulk you can backstep jump to get to the right positioning. Only the shockwave of the bomber must connect, if the main body does then they’ll immediately tech roll since you’ve already used your ground bounce.


Wire Grapple Combos

Away from corner
~:l:, short dash neutral jump to full height, j.:qcf::m:, :df:zip, j.:h: |> :uf: j.:m: j.:h: j.:df:zip (slight delay) j.:s: |> :qcf::h:~:l: (400.5k, gains 0.55 meter)
1 meter: (dash) TK :qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk: (632.0k, gains 0.7 meter)

In corner, for 0-1 meter
~:l:, dash up TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: ( :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l:, backstep TK j.:qcf::m:, falling :s: :f:zip :df:zip |> :s: :qcf:h:~:l: (563.5k, gains 0.7 meter)
1 meter: (backstep jump) j.:qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk: (782.9k, gains 0.85 meter)
Against RR/Joe, do replace the first :qcf::h: with :qcf::l:.
Backstep jump Bionic Bomber doesn’t get a shockwave-only hit against Sentinel or Hulk, so just cancel from Reel-in Punch to Bionic Maneuvers.

In corner, for 2 meter
~:l:, dash up TK j.:qcf::s:, :m: :h: ( :s: jcc) :qcf::h:~:l: :qcf::atk::atk:, TK j.:qcf::h:, falling j.:s: (just above ground) |> :qcf::h:~:l: TK j.:qcf::s: :qcf::atk::atk: (919.7k, gains .8 - 2 meter)
Against RR/Joe, do replace the first :qcf::h: with :qcf::l:.



Amaterasu, Akuma, Arthur, Felicia, Firebrand, Frank West, Hsien-Ko, Viewtiful Joe, Morrigan, Phoenix Wright, Tron, Vergil, Zero, M.O.D.O.K., Rocket Raccoon, Shuma-Gorath, X-23, Wolverine


Stark, you da bess. Get well soon!


Thanks for re-doing the combo thread Stark, much appreciated. By the way, I’ve been tinkering with your jawbreaker infinite a bit. Assist + a few Hs and Ss doesn’t cause too much decay on the flip out, so that can help both Spencer’s approach and the push to the corner (with Frank’s shopping cart + air S > HS sj HS Bomber I can get to the corner and still have the proper decay midscreen). One thing to point out though, they can call assists during the flip out, which for most assists won’t matter. However, for ones are close range and that last long enough after the jawbreaker animation (cold star, tenderizer, etc) it’ll break the loop.


Yeah I’ll talk about it in a resets section. I went through the guide examining frame data and the characters who can’t really get out of it are ghost rider, iron fist, nemesis, phoenix wright, vergil (when not feeling motivated), hulk, sentinel (if he has no meter), she-hulk, taskmaster, akuma, arthur, haggar, hsien-ko, ryu, spencer, tron. It’s enough to be noteworthy.


just remember that his command grab is hyper-cancellable. not sure how much itll help when the time comes though.


:eek: This thread is delicious.

I hope to be contributing very soon.


In this case, not so much. What I’m referring to is that some assists have such a long animation that even after you land your jawbreaker, you still get hit after the throw animation is done. When it comes to calling the assist during the reset, all assists take a good half second to even get on the screen, so by then they’ve already flipped and eaten the jawbreaker.


Just started playing Spencer yesterday and found out this pretty neat corner combo:

Cr:l:, cr:m:, cr:h:,:uf:+:s:+:atk:, j:m:(Land), j:m:, j:h:, j:s:,:d:+:s:+:atk:(Land), j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :d:+:s:+:atk:(Land), st:m:, st:h:, :qcf:+:l:~:l:, :qcf::uf:+:s:(OTG)xx:qcf:+:atk::atk:,:qcf::uf:+:h:(Wall Bounce, Land), :qcf:+:s:xx:qcb:+:atk::atk:, :qcf::uf:+:h:

The combo itself does 739,100 damage and requires 1 meter to start. It builds 1.1 meter, so basically when the second hyper comes up you should be able to perform the full combo.

The Cr:l:, cr:m:, cr:h:,:uf:+:s:+:atk:, j:m:(Land), j:m:, j:h:, j:s:,:d:+:s:+:atk: is a loop. The loop can be performed any where on the screen. It looks something like this:


I didn’t know until reading Stark’s combos that you can jump cancel his lancher into wire grappler. So the damage for that combo has increased to 819,900


It is done. First post updated with so many videos.

What do people think?


Corner-to-corner combo ending in vertical grapple:

c.:l:c.:m::h::s: sj j.:m: j.:h: j.:s:+:atk:, j.:s:+:atk:, j.:df::s:+:atk:, j.:s: |> dash up TK j.:qcf::h: delay j.:s:+:atk:, j.:df::s:+:atk: |> :s: jcc :qcf::h:~:l: (~480k, didn’t check the meter gain)

Doesn’t work on small characters.


So while trying to create some new content to post in the OP of this thread, I realized that Bionic Bomber has an interesting property; if you only OTG with the shockwave, it doesn’t use up the groundbounce for whatever reason, and you can do a Bionic Bomber later. Or you can do a clean-hit Bionic Bomber and then later OTG with only the shockwave and they’ll be picked up as normal. I had a big writeup about it, but then I was like

you know what

this is totally irrelevant

And I erased my writeup since it basically has no applicability.

But on Rocket Raccoon, Joe, and Arthur, if you do bionic bomber in the corner and do whatever combo to wire grapple (or just do it straight to wire grapple) and then reel-in punch, you can jump back and use bionic bomber and it’ll only hit with the shockwave 'cause they’re so small, so you can get in an extra bomber that you immediately cancel to super. Technically you can dash back and TK the bomber on a few slightly larger characters, but it makes it pretty hard to meaningfully follow that up and in particular you get put too far back to link to UVG which would outweigh the damage boost from an extra bomber. Though you’d still get extra metergain if you’re into that.

I was thinking about maybe recording video of this, but then I was like. This is totally irrelevant. I tried really hard to find a way to use this that might possibly more damage than you could get without it, but ultimately only found ways to get more damage during combos where that damage is irrelevant because the few characters you can do this to would die without it anyway. I guess it’s slightly more metergain, but pfft, whatever.

But then I went and recorded it anyway as proof that I’m not making it up, thinking that maybe someone else would find something useful with it.



I don’t know about you, but that will be useful info for me. Good shit Stark!


Thread is stellar, great format, videos, etc.



corner combo on tron…

j.hs, c.m s.h S mh d/f grapple S TK DFA l.wire grapple ~ reel in punch xx bionic maneuvers, h.otg wire falling S S xx h wire ~ reel in punch, wesker OTG assist dash s xx h grapple ~ reel in punch, armour piercer xx bionic maneuvers, h.otg

1,111,600 damage

2 bars 1 assist.

this combo SHOULD also work on: Modok, Shuma gorath, Ammaterasu, viewtiful joe, arthur, (rocket raccoon?)

the above combo does

1,093,600 damage without the armour piercer at the end… that makes it completely universal


i can’t help but feel that this combo can be heavily optimized…

but i don’t know how.


I’ve been having a strange issue today and I don’t know whats causing it because I’ve been doing this for a while now and never seen it, after the dash back TK M Grapple characters have just been flopping out as soon as the Air S connects before the forward wire zip hits and I don’t know why, any ideas? I don’t think its directly related to how much HSD I have in the combo because I can make it substantially longer or substantially shorter and still see the same issue, and I don’t think its because I’m not wire zipping fast enough.


It’s weird. You need to connect with the j.:s: at the right time. If you wait a bit too long, they flip out. Not really sure why, but that’s what I’ve observed.

Also, if you’ve been following my youtube channel you might have noticed that earlier today I set my multi-use bionic bomber video to unlisted. That’s because I was working on this. I found some uses for it after all :3



This was more or less the combo I found for Spencer/Wesker a few days ago. I -think- you could optimize it by starting with a S sj M Zip line H unscaled wiregrapple into TK DFA and proceed from there. it’d likely made your third wire grapple harder/potentially impossible depending on the hitstun decay. I personally haven’t bothered testing it since my input isn’t at a level to reliably land it in conjunction with currently having Frank in 2nd spot so I’m generally aiming to TAC or DHC into him for his photo op.

All that said, bear in mind as Stark as pointed out previously this is less of a practical use and more of a hypothetical since you’re starting with jumping HS (and starting in the corner, which can happen but is again idealized).


This thread is amazing. Thanks for all the effort you put into this.


Thats the conclusion I came to but I thought I would ask anyway, it surprised me because I’ve never had this problem before and suddenly I can’t do the combo at all for the life of me. Oh well, messing around with just a normal TK H grapple and that seems to fix the problem somewhat but has its own timing kinks.

Nice video btw.

Edit: Well, just in case anybody else is having the same issue I am ( I doubt it ), I found a great way to build muscle memory for the perfect timing. Using Stark’s original video of the combo you can see the exact timing of when to S into Wire Zip if you watch where spencer / wolverine are in comparison to the line of inputs :stuck_out_tongue: