ULTIMATE Balance/Tier talk thread

But Gallon/Talbain is yawn compared to others like Zabel/ L. Raptor and Jedah who are arguably more interesting and would fit well anyway. Why the LL hate? Besides the fact that she sucks in this game, of course lol

But we digress.

Silly goose, she’s Hulk with an airdash.

Capcom also said no Strider or Nemesis…

Isn’t Tron just a meter sponge with all dat health

If I had any real talent at this game I’d use her and try to prove a point. Same with Jill, but at least Jill is good.

Ghost Rider can’t be in the game his bike screws with the RAM!

gives Ghost Rider an Ultra using his Bike

I kinda like what this guy had to say about Tron.

Plus people are finding that she’s a good Frank West level builder character.

Either way I’m sure she’s still better than Haggar or Hsien. Which in Vanilla she wasn’t much better than Haggar or Hsien so works out either way.

Thinking about running an execution based team of Shuma/Zero/Doom.
aka team B.S.S (B tier, S tier, S tier)

I love talking to my friend who like plays games real casually about Mega Man. Cuz he loves to go on and on about how Mega Man won’t be able to get in because of Inafune or whatever his name is leaving and some other stuff. Plus the DLC Zero and Frank doesn’t help.

It will be really funny though after all of this trolling if Mega Man does make it in.

I truly disagree, and I honestly don’t see dlc characters happening.

You have a point and i’m glad they went through it with since they’re pretty much both on my team.

Wait, speaking of which how is Nemesis not making the game M rated? I thought thats why Capcom couldn’t put him in the game? If Felicia couldn’t do it and Nemesis couldn’t do it then why was there even a threat?

Hmm. Were the durability of Tron’s Servbots changed? I’ve thought that her ability to shoot three Servbots in succession was a lame attempt to give her spacing options, but if they’re more durable or something, then they might help give her breathing room or even an approach.

The changes to her mechanics really do hurt her, though.

They actually said Tyrant I believe not Nemesis in regards to not being in the game ever. As for the M rating I think it boiled down to laziness with movesets. They had mentioned they weren’t sure a character like Tyrant could have a moveset that wouldn’t warrant an M rating or some other mularkey Capcom likes to spew.

He’s wrong though, everything about her got nerfed indirectly.

Capcom actually talked to the ESRB about Nemesis. Yes, they went that far. Also Ghost Rider was originally going to be on his bike all the time. They modded him.

I still don’t think Tron is as bad as people claim. Like She Hulk isn’t as bad as people claim.

But I digress.

goes back to thinking about Org Chemistry

because of the mechanics of the servbot launcher, the move is pretty damn useless

I don’t remember ever using it except maybe to make someone block coming in occasionally, to be honest. And no one ever uses it.

The idea of having a little squad of Servbots raining down is amusing, though. Imagine if those fuckers could hit overhead.

You just talking about the HSD stuff or the changes with the other characters around her or other stuff?

He got into the EVO finals with her as an assist tier character. Yeah he did a super crutch command grab on Dark Phoenix in one match, but in the end he got 3-0 because his characters had no answer to the stupid chickenhead. Even in vanilla Tron’s rather limited on point and people getting opened up by her jump H was getting rarer by the weeks. She relied on the sheer damage she does whenever she lands a hit, and taking her damage away is like taking away the damage Sakura does in SF4 whenever she lands a hit. That plus the fact that the primary reason for using her is gone means that there’s no more reason to use her unless you are a die hard Megaman fan.

Yeah, I wonder if Capcom just felt she was doing too much damage or something. I don’t know. Her damage was pretty fucking bananas but that’s pretty much all she had on point.

The j.H nerf, airdash nerf, HSD nerf, and meter gain nerf. They really weren’t even trying to nerf her directly, all she lost was her broke assist, but she got the beacon bomb buff, rock throw buff, air/ground throw buff, and like all her combos still work. It’s just the game is working against her in every way possible.