Ultimate Combo

ANYONE jumps in on Remy. Remy does crouch fierce. then flash kick. Ultimate Combo!

so lame =/ even an EX flash kick would be better, or even SA2 would be better, or what if dudley would be the one jumping in, he parries, HP, HK, EX MGB, hcf+mk,mk xx SA1

gee, awesome combo… =/ so lame

I don’t think you understand. it’s not an “awesome” combo. It’s the ULTIMATE combo.

and calling that ultimate makes u and this thread even more lame =/

ultimate combo =
Ryu : Jumping Fierce Punch, Crouching Fierce Punch, Short Side Kick Move (whatever the hell it’s called)/ EX side kick move = own3d

the damage on this bitch is crazy.

I still don’t think you get it. when ANYONE and I mean EVERY character in the game jumps in on Remy. Do a crouch fierce. it JUGGLES him up. Then you can do a FLASH KICK. it’s a COMBO. for 2 HITS! it’s the ULTIMATE combo. “Do you understand?” ~ in the Benimaru voice

i don’t know the benimaru voice, but i do know the type of english video games from japan have (like Ken in sf 3 double impact when he does his taunt “come on!”). so i will laugh now.

greatest combo ever!!!


wait um with a jab afterwards haha

i wouldn’t call crouching fierce into flash kick the best anti air combo for remy simply b/c of the danger of being retaliated. if the opponent parries the crouching fierce they can do a combo… not to mention remy is crouching which means that he’ll suck up more damage.

this combo gets my vote: opponent jumps in, remy throws an lov, if parried, remy throws standing strong, if parried, then remy does flash.

even better would be to do standing japs continuously on a jump in.

mix it up with dashing through the opponent while they jump in, then standing jab and cancel to standing short.

if you want to be fancy: lov, dash throgh, flash kick.

gotta mix it up.

why is fruitcake remy even in the “ultimate combo” grouping? what about the characters that people actually use?

cr. HP -> dash -> RRF

I agree. I never said it was the ‘best’. I called it the ULTIMATE combo!

i agree. i call you the ultimate idiot.

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only when they’re funny steve…only when they’re funny. :lol:

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