Ultimate Dante Combo Thread. Jackpot! Yeah baby!


:l: ~ Light Attack
:m: ~ Medium Attack
:h: ~ Heavy Attack
:s: ~ Launcher/Special Button
:s::atk: ~ Bold Jump/Bold Cancel
:atk:~:atk: ~ Attack cancelled into another attack. (Example: Launcher cancelled into Clay Pidgeon cancelled into Prop Shredder, or Volcano cancelled into Beehive. Not used for inputs like Hammer (j.:qcf::l::l:) where Killer Bee does not have to hit for Hammer to come out or cause the property of the move to be changed, unlike Volcano~Beehive where Volcano OTGs for Beehive to connect)
:a1: ~ Assist Button 1
:a2: ~ Assist Button 2
:atk::atk: ~ Two Attacks
cr. ~ Crouching
j. ~ Airborne
sj. ~ Airborne Via Superjump
XF ~ X-Factor Cancel
DHC ~ Delayed Hyper Combo



A general rule in Dante combos is that if a combo uses the wall bounce on Stinger ( :f::h: ) and they are very far away from the wall in the corner, you have to perform Stinger followed by Bold Cancelling into Air Trick. For tips on that, refer to this thread. That thread will also help you with the Skydance linked into Beehive ground bounce resets that the advanced combos use.

Basic Combos**:**

[ Day 1 Ultimate ] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :s:~:h: j.:qcf::l::l: :df::h::h::h: :f::h:
:s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:s:/j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk:- 638,000 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds about 1.1 bar]
Use: Anywhere except where you are too close to a wall and [:f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:s:/j.:qcf::l::l:] will not work. In those cases, take out the [:f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s:] and just do [:f::h: :s::atk: j.:s:/j.:qcf::l::l:] mid-jump.
Notes: Day 1 Ultimate combo. Use this on small characters like Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccon, and (strangely) Frank West. Uses the ground bounce extremely early in the combo. Use this on small characters only. Remember to do the Hyper at the end BEFORE the last hit of Beehive hits.

[ Get back! ] - j.:s:/j.:qcf::l::l::df::h::h::h:~:s: j.:qcf::l::l: :df::h::h::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: - 515,400 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds .95 bar]
Use: Anywhere.
Notes: Builds slightly more meter than the optimal post j.:s:/Hammer combo but does less damage.

[ Anti- Air ] - :m::s: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :s:~:h:~:s: j.:qcf::l::l: :df::h::h::h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::l::l: :qcf::atk::atk: - 616,600 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds .8 bar]
Use: Anywhere.
Notes: Beginner anti-air combo with standing :m:. Same rules as first combo in the thread apply. If too far from the wall, after the wall bounce Stinger, do :s::atk: :d::d::s:.

Intermediate Combos:

**[ Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom BnB ] **- :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:~:h:~:s: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk:- 657,000 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds about 1.3 bar]
Use: Anywhere
Notes: This is the base of your BnBs in Ultimate. This combo is ideal because it doesn’t use the ground bounce as early in the combo as the day 1 combo, builds more meter, and does more damage. To make this combo easier, hold forward through the entire j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:part to inch your way closer to your opponent throughout the combo. Everything else is fairly basic. Don’t forget to backdash after the first Volcano~Beehive and cancel the backdash with a :s:. The backdash is necessary to place Dante in the correct position for Stinger to connect after Clay Pidgeon. If you’re in the corner and you don’t opt for the combo below, jump back while performing j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h:. Remember to do the Hyper before the last hit of Beehive like always.

[ Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom BnB (Corner Version) ] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :h::s: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk:- 689,600 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds about 1.1 bar]
Use: Corner.
Notes: More damaging variation on the Ultimate BnB that builds slightly less meter. Perform the last j.H of the air series after Volcano as late as you can so you can link st.H after it.

[ Acid Rain 1 ] :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:~:h:~:s: :qcf::l::l: :qcf::l::l: :s: j.:s: :df::h::h::h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :f::h: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk:- 667,100 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds about 1.7 bar]
Use: Corner.
Notes: Acid Rain loop with 2 Acid Rains. Jump cancel the Prop Shredder into the Acid Rain by essentially doing :qcf::uf::l::l:. Try putting the target at the tip of the Prop Shredder when you do this. When performing this in the corner, jump back while doing j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h:. as always.

[ Acid Rain 2 ] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:~:h:~:s: :qcf::l::l: j.:h: j.:s: :dp::m:~:m: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m::m: :qcf::atk::atk: 656,900 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds about 1.5 bar]
Use: Corner.
Notes: Acid Rain loop with 1 Acid Rain. Much easier to do than the above combo. It doesn’t do as much damage or build as much meter though.

[ “Get Back!” 2 ] - j.:s:/j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: - 684,5000 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [Builds about .8 of a bar]
Use: Anywhere.
Notes: Optimal combo after a j.S or Hammer hit confirm. The Volcano must be done extremely soon after the j.:s:/j.:qcf::l::l:. If not, the HSD timer is too much and the Killer Bee will probably whiff. If you’re late on your hit confirm, just go with the normal [ Get Back! ] combo instead.

[ Anti-Air 2 ] - :m::h::s: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: View

Meter used: 1
Use: Anywhere.
**Notes: **Anti-Air standing :m: combo but more damage and more meter built. Pretty much the same as before except the hitstun isn’t as hard to deal with because the lack of a Prop Shredder in the combo.

Advanced Combos:

(most combos here require you to use the ground bounce reset, again for help with that read over this thread a bit: Dante Technical/Help Thread.)

[ Sky Dance ~ Beehive Ground Bounce Reset Solo ] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:~:h:~:s: :qcf::l::l: j.:h: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::h: :dp::m::m: :f::h: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: - 675,100 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [builds about 1.8 bar]
Use: Corner.
Notes: Remember to let the opponent fall as low as possible to backdash then launcher. With assists this combo can be extremely lethal and extended even more. More on that later.

[ Sky Dance ~ Beehive Ground Bounce Reset Solo 2 ] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m:j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :h::s: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h: :f::h: :s::atk: j.:qcf::h: :dp::m::m: :f::h: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: - 698,700 Damage View

Meter used: 1 [builds about 1.4 bar]
Use: Corner.
Notes: More damaging variation on the solo Sky Dance ~ Beehive ground bounce reset combo.

[ Clay Pidgeon Loop ] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:m::h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:~:h::h::h::h::h:(xN) :f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: View

Meter used: 1 [meter build varies]
Use: Anywhere.
Notes: Builds more meter than the single shot loops but does less damage because of the lower number of :s: attacks and more scaling because of the number of shots. On smaller characters you can only do about 2 before they’re too far away to launch again.

[ Clay Pidgeon Loop 2 ]

:l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:m::h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :s:~:h: (xN) :f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: View

Meter used: 1 [meter build varies]
Use: Anywhere.
Notes: More damaging than the full shot loops but less meter. Delay the first shot to do the entire loop. Delaying the first shot is essential to not having Prop Shredder come out instead of a normal :s:.

[Midscreen Dash Up S Acid Rain] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :f::f: :s:~:h:~:s: :qcf::l::l: j.:h: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h::f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:qcf::l::l: IAD j.:m: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: - 659,200 Damage

Meter used: 1 [builds about 1.6 bar]
Use: Fullscreen, midscreen.
Notes: Carries to the corner and uses the hitstun from j.:h: to dash up and launcher, putting you in a better position to Acid Rain after the Prop Shredder. After the Stinger, Teleport, Hammer, IAD j.M is used to put the opponent back in the corner. Completely optional, it is a pretty tight link. You have to IAD (instant air dash) really fast and pretty much buffer the Volcano~Beehive during it.

[Midscreen Dash Up into Killer Bee Relaunch] - :l::m::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j.:h: :f::f: :s: j.:m: j.:h: j.:qcf::l: :b::atk::atk: :s:~:h::h::h::h::h: :f::h: :s::atk: :d::d::s: j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk: - 682,500 damage

Meter used: 1 [builds about 1.2 bar]
Use: Anywhere
Notes: More damaging dash up st.:s: combo. Builds less more than the Acid Rain variation.

Assist Combos:

[ Dante/Vergil ]


Youtube Channels:


Alright, I’m going to leave this thread like this for the night and update tomorrow with more damage/meter values. It’s so late right now and I’m so tired that I can barely perform these combos and it’s very frustrating.

Also, if you don’t mind, post your assist specific combos and if it’s good I’ll put it in the OP when I update again. I’ll also be adding videos of every combo when I get my HD PVR sometime next week or so.

Corner, 2 Assists (Bolts of Balthakk, Hidden Missiles), ~810k damage

IAD j.H, st.M, st.H ~ Stinger bc Volcano, jump back, j.H xx Airplay, j.H, S ~ Clay Pigeon ~ Prop Shredder SJC Acid Rain, Volcano JC j.S, Volcano ~ Beehive, Cold Shower ~ Stinger (wallbounce) bc Sky Dance (reset), Beehive, Stinger (call HM assist) bc Jet Stream ~ Fireworks, jump Sky Dance (reset), Beehive, Stinger (call Bolts assist) bc Volcano ~ Beehive xx Million Dollars

if the last hit of Sky Dance whiffs (after Hidden Missiles assist hits):
…Acid Rain, Volcano, j.S, Volcano ~ Beehive xx Million Dollars

Here’s a repost from something I wrote in the other thread.
Its a post on the twins as a duo.



I didn’t invent any of this, I just pieced together stuff from different posts, so all the credit goes to you all. I love this duo, they can do massive damage in any order, but I prefer Dante on point. DHC to Spiral swords help Dante deliver 1 mill damage rather easily with 1 starting meter.

Rapid Slash is also in my opinion the best assist for Dante’s combos and block strings.
Sentinel might also be just as good, but I personally think that Vergil is a much better character, therefore, your team is a lot stronger.

Rapid Slash has so many uses, and makes things easier like the charge shot loop or Nini’s acid rain reset. The twins are so great together that you can use any character you like as your anchor without losing potential from them.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things that this team can do.
Feel free to add anything I might have missed. I know there are more combos that can be done with an extra assist, but I will stick to only 2 meter Dante/Vergil combos for consistency.

The beginning for most of them is the same, and its the usual, :l: :m: :h: Stinger, Bold Cancel, Volcano unless pointed otherwise. You can add extra damage by starting your combos with s. :m:

Combo 1

Beginning, j. :m: j. :h: , :qcf: + :l: (Killer Bee), :s: :h: (UpShots) :s: (Pop Shredder), Jump, :qcf: + :l: :l: (Hammer), Land, Cold Shower + Vergil , j. :s: , Cold Shower, Stinger, Bold Cancel, :qcf: + :h: (Skydance), Million Dollars, DHC to Spiral Swords, :dp: + :m: (Lunar Phase) x3. - 930k-945k Damage

Meter: Builds 1.2 bars
Use: Corner, Middle screen
Notes: This combo is very easy and practical. One of its best qualities is that you can start it from mid screen because you can wave dash twice before the first OTG, and you can also dash forward in the air before the j :s:.

If you happen to already be on the corner, you can input an acid rain while Vergil hits, and then either go for a s :s: j :s: to continue the combo, or go for Nini’s reset with a teleport.
This combo is perfect to TOD those annoying point characters such as Zero, Magneto, Dr Strange, Vergil, Trish, Hawkeye etc

Combo 2
j. :m: + Vergil’s Assist , j :h: , Land, Super Jump, :qcf: :l: :l: (Hammer), Cold Shower, :s: (Pop Shredder), Jump, :qcf: :l: :l: (Hammer), :dp: + :m: (Volcano) :m: (Beehive), Dash back, :s:, 2 shots, Stinger, Bold Cancel, :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), :dp: + :m: :m: (Beehive), Stinger, Bold Cancel, :dp: + :m: (Volcano) :m: (BeeHive) - 450k-465k Damage

Meter: Builds 1.1 bars
Use: Incoming character in the corner
**Notes: **I use this as an incoming character mixup. If the incoming character blocks the first part, Vergil will set him up for a nice block string in the corner.
You can do many different things because Vergil gives a lot of time.
If you do land a hit, I don’t think its worth using more than 1 meter, so I would usually cancel the last part into Devil Trigger and go for a mixup.

Combos 3 to 7 end like this:
Million Dollars, DHC to Spiral Swords as soon as the jackpot shot hits, :dp: + :m: (Lunar Phase) x2 (hold M during the second one), cr. :h:, Stinger (cause a wall bounce and a side switch), release Round Trip, cr :h: , :qcf: + :l: (Judgement Cut) , cr :h: , :dp: + :m: (Lunar Phase), High Time.

Combo 3
Beginning, j. :m: j. :h: , :qcf: + :l: (Killer Bee), :s: :h: (UpShots) :s: (Pop Shredder), :qcf::uf: :l: :l: (Acid Rain), j. :m: j. :s: , Dash, Cold Shower + Vergil’s assist, normal vertical jump, :qcf:+ :h: (Sky Dance), last hit should whiff, :qcf: + :l: :l: (Acid Rain) , :dp: + :m: (Volcano), Jump, :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), ENDING - 1-1.1 Million Damage

Meter: Builds 1.4 bars
Use: Corner
Notes: This is one of the many options you have for high health characters, add an extra sword loop at the ending for thor and tron.

Combo 4
Beginning, j. :m: j. :h: , :qcf: + :l: (Killer Bee), Dash Back, :s:, wait a little, 8 Shots, :s: , 8 shots + Vergil’s assist during the last 3 shots, super jump . :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), ENDING 98k-1 Mill

Meter: Builds 1.1 bars
Use: Corner only
Notes: This combo is also very easy to do. I personally can’t land a wall bounce consistently out of a shots loop in the corner, so this made things a lot easier. This is yet another go to for high health characters.

Combo 5
Beginning, j. :h: :qcf: + :m: (Air Play) j. :h: :qcf: :l: (Killer Bee), :s:, j :m: j. :m: j. :h: :qcf: :h: (Sky Dance), Last hit should whiff, :qcf: + :l: :l: (Acid Rain), :dp: + :m: (Volcano), J. :s:, Cold Shower + Vergil’s Assist, Vertical jump, :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), Last hit should whiff, :qcf: + :l: :l: (Acid Rain), :dp: + :m: (Volcano), jump, :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), ENDING.** - 1-1.1 Million Damage**

Meter: Builds 1.4 bars
Use: Corner
Notes: Rogueyoshi’s old set up with Ultimate additions. This combo is harder than the one above and it does around the same damage. I personally think this is just for the flash, but it does look really nice when you pull it off.

Combo 6
Beginning, j. :m: j. :h: , :qcf: + :l: (Killer Bee), :s: :h: (UpShots) :s: (Pop Shredder), :qcf::uf: :l: :l: (Acid Rain), j. :m:, :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), ENDING - 920k-935k Damage

Meter: Builds 1 bar
Use: Corner to Corner
Notes: The ending for this combo is the same as 4 and 5, but with a slight difference, and that is that you have to use a front teleport to get close to the opponent. There’s no tricky timing for it, all you have to do is to DHC right after the jackpot shot is out, and then go after it with the teleport.

There’s something you can do to add a little bit of extra damage, and make it look flashier.
Lets pretend that the Pop Shredder is a clock in the wall, if the opponent is caught between 10:30 - 11:00, then its possible to have the sky dance whiff the last hit.
Once it does, you can do an Acid Rain/Volcano link, jump and go for another Sky Dance.

This makes it look a lot flashier, but it doesn’t really add that much damage (around 8k-10k), so I would advice to play it safe and go for the simpler version.

Combo 7
Beginning, j. :h: :qcf: + :m: (Air Play) j. :h: s.:h: s.:s: jump, j.:m:, double jump j.:h:, :qcf: + :l: (Killer Bee), s.:s: + Vergil’s Assist, :h: (One Shot), Super Jump, :qcf: + :h: (Sky Dance), ENDING.** - 1-1.1 Million Damage**

Meter: Builds 1.4 bars
Use: Corner
Notes: Most basic combo for high health characters. Very practical, very damaging.

Combo 8
Beginning, j. :h: , :qcf: + :m: (Air Play), j. :h: , s. :h: , Cold Shower, Pop Shredder, :qcf: :uf: + :l: :l: (Acid Rain), j. :m: + Vergil’s Rapid Slash, :qcf: + :l: :l: (Hammer), Acid Rain, Devil Trigger (right after all the first hits connect), s. :s: (hold it) , :qcf:+ :l: :l: (Acid Rain), s. :s: j. :s: , OTG (Volcano, Million Catarats or Twister) into Million Dollars. - 730k-755k Damage

Meter: Builds .8 Bar
Use: Corner
Notes: I saw Yipes use this in a long set against Nerdjosh in Arturo’s stream. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, so its not a clean TOD without a 3rd meter, but if your opponent has taken a couple of hits, its great to use this, because you are given really good position to mixup the incoming a character, with just enough DT to use a couple of thunderbolts to mixup, yet not enough to prevent you from building meter if you do land a combo.

Combo 9
Beginning, j. :h: , :qcf: + :m: (Air Play), j. :h: , s. :h: , Cold Shower, Pop Shredder, :qcf: :uf: + :l: :l: (Acid Rain), j. :m: + Vergil’s Rapid Slash, :qcf: + :l: :l: (Hammer), :qcf: + :m: :m: (Million Cataracts), wait a little, dash back, s.:s: :h: (One Shot), Stinger (Wall Bounce), Bold Cancel, :qcf: + :m: :m: (Million Cataracts), Stinger, Bold Cancel, :dp: + :m: (Volcano) :m: (BeeHive), Stinger, Bold Cancel, :dp: + :m: (Volcano) :m: (BeeHive), Million Dollars 710-740 Damage

Meter: Builds 1.3 Bars
Use: Corner
**Notes: **Another Yipes goodie, its a great meter builder and can TOD low health chars if you DHC, just remember you’ve already used both your wall bounce and ground bounce.

Lastly, here’s a video I made showcasing some of the combos above and other goodies.


That’s all I have for now, I hope this has been helpful to any Twin mains out there.

Here’s a couple of solid combos from the previous thread and across youtube. They’re relatively high damage, self-sustaining and not too difficult to perform:

Shoutout to darksim ~
(Midscreen BnB, 740k, 1.1B+, 1B-)
j.H, M, H, Stinger xx BC Volcano, j.H, Airplay j.H, dash F xx S, j.M, j.H, Killer Bee, S ~ Clay Pigeon ~ Stinger xx (BC Teleport) Hammer, Volcano ~ Beehive xx Million Dollars
Notes: Perform the BC Teleport if you’re not in the corner, otherwise just bold move and hammer

(Acid Rain BnB, 720k 1.5B+, 1B-)
j.H, M, H, Stinger xx BC Volcano xx j.H, Air Play, j.H, dash F xx S ~ Clay Pigeon ~ Prop Shredder xx Acid Rain xx j.S, Cold Shower ~ Stinger xx (BC Teleport) Hammer, Volcano ~ Beehive, Stinger xx BC Volcano ~ Beehive xx Million Dollars
Notes: Perform the BC Teleport if you’re not in the corner, otherwise just bold move and hammer. You can also replace the ground dash with an air dash after the Air Play instead, but you need to be next to your opponent when you go for the S ~ Clay Pigeon in order for the Acid Rain to loop correctly.

Shoutout to NeroDB ~
(Acid Rain Loop, 700k+, 2B+, 1B-)
j.H, M, H, Stinger xx BC Volcano xx j.H, Air Play, j.H, dash F xx S ~ Clay Pigeon ~ Prop Shredder xx Acid Rain xx Acid Rain xx j.S, Cold Shower ~ Stinger xx Bold Move, Sky Dance, Acid Rain xx Volcano, j.S, Volcano ~ Beehive xx Million Dollars
Notes: Timing on the Acid Rain xx Volcano after the Sky Dance is tight.

Shoutout to Shine3rection ~
(Corner Hammer to DT, 880k, 0.3B+, 2B-)
Hammer, Volcano xx j.S, Million Carats xx Devil Trigger, j.S, (call Vergil), Volcano xx j.S, Volcano ~ Beehive, Volcano ~ Beehive xx Million Dollars
Notes: You can throw in a Cold Shower ~ Stinger xx Bold Move, Hammer right before the two Volcano ~ Beehives. Also there are other assists that work with this combo. Of the top of my head most of the beam assists would probably work, and you could use Vajra and tk 2 volcanos instead of the j.S.

Hey everyone play Vergil instead. He’s better.

I never knew scrubbier meant better

All the shots have been fired.

Anywho, aren’t there 700kish variations of those Ultimate BnB’s solo? IIRC this mid-screen combo does 695k and isn’t much harder than what you have for the intermediate section.
:l::m::h: :f::h: :s:+:atk: :dp::m: j.:h: j.:qcf::m: j. :qcf: :l: 44:s:~:h: Stinger Lvl2 BC Teleport j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m: :qcf::atk::atk:

That combo does 665,900 damage. Like I said in the OP, I’m not mashing the supers for more damage. These are just the base damage without mashing.

I think the best BnB is probably either of darksim’s combos that I posted up earlier. They’re easy to do and net well over 700k. The first one is especially easy and does 740k. You can make it even easier by replacing the S ~ Clay Pigeon ~ Stinger with just Cold Shower ~ Stinger after the Killer Bee

Those combos are already more or less what I have in the OP with a j.H added at the start.

Derp, I can’t reed gud.

Here’s a flashier variation on one of J.D.'s combos for Dante that allows you to save your groundbounce and wallbounce for the incoming character, in this case Vergil.

Dante Builds 1 Bar, Corner Required, 938,000 Total Damage.
cr. :l: :m: :h: :f: + :h: :s: + :atk: :dp: :m: j. :h: :qcf: :m: j. :h: st. :m: st. :h: :df: :h: :h: :h: :s: :qcf: :uf: :l: :l: (Acid Rain) st. :m: xx :qcf: :m: :m: (Million Carats) :dp: :m: :m: (Instant Beehive):qcf: :atk: :atk:
DHC to Spiral Swords (Charge RT)
:dp: :m: x2 cr. :h: :f: + :h: Release RT cr. :h: :qcf: :l: :dp: :m:

You’re left with about .7 of a meter by the end of it so with a little extra meter you can ToD the majority of the cast with another Sword Loop.

Except that they work at midscreen.

EDIT: I’ll put the video here.


And as I said below, I think it might be better to neutral jump after the Volcano in the second combo. I don’t think it really matters for the first combo, but jump forward anyway.

Good stuff Momo. This thread makes me happy, and I know it’ll stay updated.:tup:

Using Wall Bounce, Hard and soft knockdown you can lauch the enemy 3 times in air, so… Is possible build a Dante solo combo with over 600k damage with no x-factor or bars?

The Prozac Corner combo
j. :h: :m: :h: :f: + :h: :dp: :m: j. :h: j. :qcf: :m: j. :h: :h: :s: j. :m: j. :h: :qcf: :m: :h::qcf: :l: Land and backdash :s: ~ :h: :f: + :h: Bold move :qcf: :h: :dp: :m:~:m: :qcb: :h: ~ :h: xx Million Dollars/Devil Must Die

Builds 1.2 bars, does 515~525k before using meter

This works midscreen if you Dash :s:… like all of Dante’s combos
1.5~2 bars midscreen… WE IN THERE

Wow I somehow never thought of doing that. Also I’m still going to update, I’m on vacation right now and will do it as soon as I can.

XFactor Dante Swag
:l: :m: :h: :f:+:h: :dp: :m: j. :h: :qcf: :m: :s: :df: :h::h:~:s: j. :qcf: :l: ~ :l: :df: :h::h: :f: + :h: (bold teleport) :qcf: :l:~:l: :qcf: :m:~:m: :dp: :m:~:m: :s: ~ Max mashed clay pidgeon :qcb: :l: ~:h:
Does 1.15m in XF-2
Everyone dies to that in XF-3