Ultimate Dante Combo Thread. Jackpot! Yeah baby!



Turn on the annotations.


Did a few quick vids showing what I’ve been working on with Dante + X-23(CS)

I would love some help getting these optimized if anyone has any better combo paths than what I’m using.

Edit for other short vids finally uploading:


Anyone able to give me the notations for Dante’s new mid-screen infinite? Have the corner stuff down now, but cant figure out what this new “easier” midscreen is.


Check the post on the bottom of the previous page.


Any advice on the timing for s. H, launch, s.H, S, jump, hammer? I can’t get the timing for the prop shredder to keep them in the air or the delay for hammer to connect


After the H up-guns, wait for them to fall a bit before pressing Prop Shredder, cause if they’re on the tippy top of the circle there’s a good chance they’ll flip out. After prop just sj, then Hammer as soon as you’re close enough. You have more time than you realize. You might wanna do sjc tele, then immediate Hammer after tele, since you don’t really have to time anything too much; just do everything as fast as possible.


Thanks man its really helping out!


Is there a trick to doing the acid rain combos? It doesn’t come out after prop shredder :confused:


You need to super jump cancel prop shredder into Acid Rain, kind of like how you have to super jump cancel Prop Shredder into teleport.


TK to sjc right? I keep getting hammer and not acid rain


Dante/Dante/Dante combos


Maybe you aren’t timing it right? What exactly are you inputting?


If your looking for more meter use the CS assist in the corner after your wall bounce. Do 5his on a HK oppenent call 23xxvolcano jump cancel sky dance lightening legs gb reset xx stinger into whatever. Should net you 2 meters.


After prop shred when they are floating up I do qcf+u light, light for acid rain

I get a tk’ed hammer instead of acid rain


Do it earlier when they’re still getting hit by the spinning sword. I think it should work then.


Thanks man its working like you said, just gotta work on being consistent! Thanks again :slight_smile:


Anyone know the trick to comboing off Dante’s air throw with disruptor? Is it just some height specific timings that you have to know to hit it?


What can you get off of million carats xx devil trigger to extend combos?


basically what i do off of a hammer into million carats is devil trigger million carats then shot loops (1 double shot and 2 max shots or something in the line of that ) call vergil during the shot loops teleport s then do what ever you want


So two million carats? The initial one into DT then another one after?