Ultimate Dante Combo Thread. Jackpot! Yeah baby!



yea considering the damage is really good i think landing a helm/hammer into that does around like 336k or something on the lines of that then you can follow up with a simple launch h killer bee then what ever (if you dont run vergil in the back) iirc both variants will net 800k+


How in the hell do you sjc prop shredder into teleport?? What is even the input for that series?


can someone help me with the tac infinite?

I recorded a video of my attempts with my elg(low settings, sry), what im doing wrong? inputs too slow?


Video is private bro.


oh, sorry, fixed


So first, delay the first H so you’re closer to the ground with the air play, should help with the initial link. 2nd, never change the timing on the rejump LH xx AP, you always want to do it as fast as possible and cancel into the air play asap after the j.H hits. 3rd you have a ton of wiggle room on how long you can hold air play, this is the only thing that ever changes timing during the infinite. 4th, always do the iad LH as fast as possible and hit the rejump as fast as possible after. If the air dash LH doesn’t work it’s almost always because you were to slow with the j.LH and weren’t at max jump height. If you delay the first part you’ll be too low to hit the dash part.

The main rule is to rush everything except for the air play. You can almost plink all the buttons and the game will automatically combo it and regulate the height for free.

The main issue you were having on your video was the starter, always better to be close to the ground rather than too high. The ones where you hit the link, you didn’t get the j.LH fast enough or dashed to late after the air play. You don’t start falling after the air play completely finishes but can dash out much faster than you’d expect. Just make sure you’re not delaying the dash to much and dropping down before the dash.


Like Merk said, hitting the very first j.H low to the ground makes everything easier. The falling j.L link is actually very easy and it’s easier the lower you hit that first j.H.

As for the rep itself: j.LH xx airplay (hold time depends on opponent height) > Dash j.LH (hold up).

The timing on dash j.LH is rather lenient, it’s just important that you do it before dante starts falling from the released airplay.


Thanks guys!

I’m getting some consistency with 2~3 reps, just need more practice controlling the height with airplay


Is the bnb corner combo notation in the Op correct? The qcf m h,h,s part doesn’t look like what the video of the combo shows. Having some trouble with it :confused:


Do you mean the Ultimate bnb corner version? Because yes, the notation matches the video. qcf m h, h, s just means do jump h, air play, h, land, stand h s after the volcano


Down, down, up + S.


Is there some specific timing with the h, land h, s? My standing H always whiffs


Yeah delay the air h after air play, don’t hit it right after you recover. This applies to all combos with h air play h, you always have to fall a bit after air play first before hitting h, but if you do h air play h, land stand s immediately, you don’t have to delay as much

tl;dr whenever you do normal jump h air play h, fall a bit after air play before hitting air h


Thanks for the help bro!


Is there a specific spacing when doing prop shredder xx acid rain mid screen during a combo? I can get it in the corner but midscreen it always whiffs


Are you trying it after the airplay combo midscreen? If so, you have to hit the second j.H low to ground and hit dash xx s.S immediately on landing. The dash has to he canceled into S as close to plink speed as possible (can’t get bold move though obviously). That’ll let Acid Rain hit.

If youre trying to do it off of Volcano j.MH xx Killerbee, just hit prop shredder earlier to keep the opponent high. If it’s whiffing completely, I assume you’re doing the Airplay combo though.


Yeah I was trying to get it off of volcano j.MH xx killerbee, H,S,H

I’m trying to cancel into prop shredder earlier and they do pop up higher but the acids rain still goes right behind them


Ah got ya. I’ll try to lab that tomorrow because i don’t known if I’ve had that whiff before. My suggestion would be to remove the s.H after Killerbee (so just Killerbee, s.S~H into prop shredder). Might be pushing the opponent too far forward.

Changing the height only helps drops occuring because Acid Rain hits on the way up but not on the way down, so that’s my fault. Again, though, the Killerbee combo should have automatic spacing. Take out the s.H and see if it helps.


lol wait wtf

what do you mean by acid rain going right behind them

how are you doing that, are they falling onto the space between dante and prop or something

because all this time i thought your problem was prop pushing them too far back so acid rain doesnt hit on the way up


The acid rain goes upand passes their feet completely whiffing the character

But in the corner I can land iteasy its only midscreen that it whiffs