Ultimate Dante Combo Thread. Jackpot! Yeah baby!



So I might have found a practical extension using X23’s CS on grounded confirms.

Confirm > stinger xx volcano xx jH + CS, j.S (hits with the tip of S.)

There’s still enough hsd for prop shredder and enough time for dash volcano j.H xx airplay falling j.H (I only hit s.S into shot loops once or twice, also tried getting anything like airplay j.mm dj.mh xx killer bee without much success.)

You can do prop shredder xx acid rain, volcano j.S or prop shredder xx MC but I’m not sure what the optional combo path in that situation is.

Anyone know what I should be looking into as far as optimizing?

With the acid rain combo path it builds about 1.75 meter and does ~700k after super.


What buttons or moves are you guys throwing out at midrange? I am not getting much mileage out of his stand M or L and stinger seems to be the only normal/command normal that I van effectively use at midrange. Should I be throwing out more of his normals? I just feel like the hitboxes are 2 weak against most the higher level cast and too slow.

Remember this question is mostly for normals not specials grounded


Against a grounded opponent, c.M is super solid.

Against neutral jump forward, s.M works well. The spacing/timing on the upswing v. the downswing (s.M v. s.H) can make a difference in some spacings but it’s harder to confirm against. Something I’ve been messing with is using c.H on anti-air confirms to give me time to react to situations. If it’s too far out, you can just launch into prop shredder, if they’re juggling closer to you, you can actually convert volcanos off it. But of an underused tool, imo.

Once you have people SJing at you, I think you need to start using specials instead. I think it has more to do with how fast your opponent advances. There’s less reason to use normals against big bodies, but pixies and faster character, you have to use normals or you’re just going to lose your spacing.


Hey guys, not sure if anyone has found this out yet or posted it. But I’ve been trying to find a midscreen infinite for Dante that didn’t require extensive height management and I’ve managed to find one simply because I was being an idiot lol.

So the set-up is from corner Side TAC, and all directions from midscreen.

ADF, and then j.L at the lowest point possible for j.L to hit the opponent.

From there the infinite goes to corner carry to do the easier infinite, or not if you want to swag on your opponent, pretty sure it works there too. The infinite is;

j.L xx Air Play (this must be cancelled from the very first active frame of j.L), ADF (wait until he dashes the full distance), j.LL, repeat.

It’s not easy to get used to cancelling j.L into an Air Play especially fast enough for it to combo even under the TAC state, so have fun guys.


I thought you could just use ADF j.M/j.H xx Air Play, j.L (land) and then go into the standard j.LH xx Air Play, ADF, j.LH loop.


Yeah, however it’s kind of wonky with some characters like they either float a little higher or fall a little faster or it just knocked back a little bit further so it kind of messes up depending on the character and I’m not particularly fond of it.

I’m pretty sure that it’s consistent with all the relevants though so it’s very good in that regard but I’m just fussy with my combos.


Found yet another possible combo path for Dante + CS.

Grounded Starter > Stinger xx BC Volcano j.HxxAP falling j.H+X23 Teleport j.S (I got distracted last night so I didn’t get a chance to work on trying to convert with something like teleport j.HxxAPxxKB, but I think there’s some options to be had there.)

The j.S is kind of tight, but it hits with the tip of the reverse hitbox and looks pretty cool. HSD’s too high to go into prop shredder at that point, though.


A good combo with CS extension is:

iadH MHstinger bc volcano>jMJHxxkiller bee>(slight walk+x23)>Sxx228S(S jump cancel air trick)>skydance(hard kd)>acid rain>volcano jc grapple>SxxH (2xmax shot gun loops)>stinger bc teleport>skydance(hard kd)>acid rain>volcano jc S>volcano xx beehive xx Million Dollars. The walk in the combo just helps me with the timing(not important).
Builds a bit more than 2 meters before the hyper.Does about 782k damage with hyper.Probably around 700k starting with crL.
Good corner combo extensions with CS are:

stinger+x23 bc volcano jc million carats>backdash Sxx H(2x max shot loops)>stinger etc…
stinger>jHxx air play>stH stinger(+x23)bc acid rain>volcano jc S etc…

What i wanted to ask you is if there are any good combo extensions with plasma beam and jam session and if there is a way to combo in weapon x prime using any of these assists late in a combo.


Holy crap. Thanks man. I’ll check these out. I was just messing around yesterday with using Killer Bee > X23 + S to set up spacing for shot loops.

I’m hoping you were asking about X23 extensions. If not let me know and I’ll fix my face.

As far as X23 and Doom beam, at low HSD you can combo after an OTG so he can be used to pick up after a dirt nap or a throw (The same timing that lets you link the s.L after the OTG might let you catch WXP. Can’t say for sure on that, though.) In normal combos, the best he really offers is a beam bounce extentions s.S+PB sj.HxxTA L (falls on top of beam), land, s.Sxxsj.HdHxxCS HxxTA L etc. (check the vid ~0:45, it’s with daggers, but it’s the exact same combo/idea.)

For JS, it’s really just a bit of extra meter at the end of a combo. You can use him for meterless enders if you do OTG + JS > link CS HxxTA L (TA L is the safe option if they’re not going to die, TA Hxx CS H is a riskier chip option.) The only time he really does any good is on XF1 extensions. Full combo > OTG xx XF s.S+JS sj.HxxCS HxxTA L, OTG, link CS HxxTA HxxCS H (they tech on the last CS H but it’s like 100k chip). Otherwise, he’s just a neutral, throw combo, and dirt nap tool. I don’t think there’s any way to use him to combo into WXP after a real combo. Super low HSD you can, though.

Also, something that I think is criminally underused. XF3 dante corner back ground throw conversions are super reliable and every character seems to have the same visual cue for the dash timing right when the opponent hits the ground from the throw.

back throw (wait until opponent hits ground) Dash dfHHxxSxxTeleport, Hammer, dfHHxxStingerxxBC IAD j.S MCxxDT Thunderbolts ender kills really fast and does 1.24m.

For anyone running anchor Dante this is a huge huge tool to make his incoming game absolutely terrifying and you literally never see anyone use it.


It’s great that she can combo post dirt nap with otg plasma.Yeah i’ve seen Tenboss doing that extension you’re saying with bolts.Since you’re here…are there any restrictions in solo comboing after dirt nap in corner?Like height restrictions?
Her throw game seems weak.I guess she can only combo only after forward air throw with otg+plasma(?)…Also is her command throw worth using?I know both Dante and Doom can combo after its hard kd.Probably could do stuff like hard tag Dante and then tac to Doom,or just use 2 meters for decent damage.


As far as I know, as long as you’re not too much higher than incoming height, you can always hit the dash L link. If the dirt nap happens to hit on the back side and they flip out of the corner, you can hit an easier dash M link. If they’re close to the ground or grounded in the corner, you can hit a s.M without the dash.

Her command grab is nice, but it loses hard to up-back (along with both of the other charge options she has.) The best way to use it is something like c.M/s.H+JS xx command grab, that way, you’ll get the grab on block, and have time to combo on hit. (You’ll get HBD’d if they read it and XF you, though.) It’s definitely not the worst thing in the world, it’s just not a super abusable tool.

She can combo off forward air throw with JS for sure (and much easier timing than PB would take. I didn’t spend much time looking into Doom stuff aside from the post-dirt nap combo.) At SJ height in the corner, you do dH while you’re in the air to land fast enough to combo. Midscreen you do a TA L to land in time. OTG + JS dash j.HSxxTA L > whatever. Just pay attention when you’re midscreen because sometimes you’ll cross under and have to dive in the other direction. (j.H and S both have big reverse hitboxes so you’ll combo, but it’s something to keep in mind.)

In the corner, it’s possible to combo off a back ground throw with a very tight OTG link (probably 1 or 2 frames.) It’s possible you can combo off it with PB, but the timing would be ridiculous but I know for a fact it works with certain assists like Log Trap.

In any level of XF, she can combo off back ground corner throws, though.


Put up a few vids last night showing why I rate X-23’s alpha counter so highly (and why Mags/X23/Dante is end-game material). These will probably get absorbed into a full showcase vid eventually. Too lazy to do it right this second, though.


Hey, used-to-be-good dante player here. Anything changed within the last couple months? I play Dante/vergil/magneto and a couple x/dante/doom teams lol


Other than the infinite not much. Same ole ish different day.


Anyone have any interesting Dante strider resets?


What do you mean by “interesting”?


Is there a consistent side TAC infinite for Dante yet? I’ve seen a couple on youtube and came up with one myself, but they’re pretty difficult and drop on certain characters.


Lab notes/Food for thought from tonight.

It feels like you can air dash after a s.M xx BC faster than a s.H xx BC. Can anyone confirm/deny this? My best guess was hitstop differences or maybe differences in dante’s s.M vs. s.H animations? (total speculation)

Also, been messing around with the XF3 corner ground back throw conversion and found that it’s actually reliable (dash right when the opponent’s back hits the ground otg xx prop xx teleport hammer, otgxxstinger bc iad j.s MC xx DT xx thunderbolts; Thor TOD) but i’ve been having trouble with a good tick throw setup (Dante’s c.L tick game seems kind of meh.) As as wild card option during IAD//BC pressure strings s.Mxxbcxxiad j.L (whiff) land back throw seems pretty fast.

I was also working on finding new ways to call assists to add variety to my pressure. IAD j.M+EMD, land, Teleport seems pretty cool. On block (without pushblock) it’s a left/right and on hit it’s a full combo. Between pressure > dash in s.M + EMD xx teleport and dash in s.H xx Weasel Shot + EMD teleport, I feel like this is a cool timing that I haven’t seen a lot of Dante’s using. There’s also added bonus of having lots of time to close the gap and continue pressure against people going ham with pushblock by calling the assist with the dash normal.

Also, found new max damage midscreen combos for my team (using X23’s CS and EMD; 750k after super):
Grounded starter > Stinger + EMD xx volcano xx volcano xx jc j.H xx air play dash j.H+CS j.S OTG xx Stinger xx Grapple > Beehive > Jet StreamxxFireworksxxSuper

Using X23’s assist like that makes a lot of weird spacings that would normally require shot loops to get damage into much easier confirms. As long as there’s enough hitstun to hit a j.H, you can almost always hit j.H+CS j.S.

Along the same lines as using X23 like that, you can use EMD to get a j.S midscreen if you do volcano xx j.H xx airplay, dash+EMD j.HS.

While all of these options gain less meter and do less damage than the super optimal shot loops//combo vid options. They’re suuuuuper easy and gain decent meter so the risk/reward on the combos makes them totally tourney-worthy.

Does anyone know if anyone’s done the legwork regarding cornered/midscreen enders with/without ground and/or wallbounce available? It would be nice if we had something like that available.

Midscreen > corner Wall+Ground available:
OTG xx Stinger xx Grapple > Beehive > Jet StreamxxFireworksxxSuper
OTG xx Stinger xx Teleport j.S xx killer bee, land volcanoxx beehive, stingerxxvolcano beehive
OTG xx Stinger xx Teleport hammer, land iad whiff j.H land Volcanoxxbeehive stingerxxvolcano beehive


Some shit… probably could have squeezed out more damage if I reset the ground bounce after the first two acid rains, but whatever.


whats the timing on stinger, BC, volcano j.H, airplay, H, land S? I keep getting helmet breaker instead of the H and S linking