Ultimate Dreamcast Bundle in NYC

Hey, so I decided to clean out my closets in preparation for moving and
I’m getting rid of my Dreamcast collection. Seriously it’s an amazing
bundle. I threw it up on Craigslist and I’ll prob put it on ebay later
today but if anyone wants to buy the whole thing off me. Make me an
offer. I’m also up for a trade that involves arcade sticks or a Neo Geo.

Here is the link to the Craigslist post: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/vgm/2779463728.html


I’d hang onto it forever but it’s just taking up space and I live in a small apt. :frowning:

I’d take it, but I honestly wont play, unless I have a need to play alpha 3, I think it was best on the DC, good luck with the sale

Interested in your collection!!!

PM’D has been sent.

Thanks for the interest!

Anybody? Bueller?

Your collection seems to be worth way more than I can offer at the moment. Which of the two is unmodded?

The white one.
I was thinking $250 was a fair price but I’m open to offers and Trades. Esp if you are in NYC because then there is no shipping.

Somebody buy this bundle already! I need the space. :frowning:

If you ever decide to split the bundle I would be interested

^ditto if you split it up i dibs 2nd pick of whatever seanami doesnt take

I’m gonna try not to. Unless you each are buying 50% of the stuff lol.

how much if you were to just sell the games?

I am not ready to just sell the games sorry.

thanks. if you are trading what are you looking for?

Arcade Sticks for PS3 or 360 mostly but I would take a Neo Geo System.
I have all the Madcatz and Hori sticks I need. I’d love an MAS stick. Or any other custom 6 button stick pref with Happ or IL parts.

If you decide to split it, I would be interested in all the non standard white items and maybe a couple games.

Noted, but doubt I will. If I can’t get something that makes it worth parting with all of it, I may just keep it.