ULTIMATE Fight It Out 3 - Side tourney results

King of Fighters XII

1st - Humbag
2nd - Part2
3rd - Syxx
4th - Kurasa
5th - AuhsojSivart
5th - Adrian
6th-12th - I forgot. Did anyone see that paper lying around somewhere?


Kurasa scared everyone away

Puzzle Fighter

1st - Jalasoul
2nd - AuhsojSivart
(this was really just a money match)

Street Fighter 2 HDR

3rd-King Of Bums
5th-Joshua Travis

(How did Nino get both 4th and 5th?)

Floe Cancel Racing - AKA the over 250lbs crowd running down hallways

1st - AuhsojSivart (by a huge gap)
2nd - Webster (devildigimon)

Were there any other side tourneys?

HDR Results

3rd-King Of Bums
5th-Joshua Travis

I’m goin’ to bed now.

lol, did you and webster seriously footrace?

I’ll seriously footrace anyone.

Webster, next time I’ll beat you running sideways.

Tournament environment was preety sweet. Loads of people, loads of casuals, easy going fun crowd. pretty good stuff overall

However, that shit that happened with sf4 singles was just retarded. One match single elimination? wow!!!

the ground was definitely chill and fun.

but in all seriousness, i had a great time even though i got frustrated with my playing and what happened with sf4 but whatever, shit happens and it was pretty obvious almost from the beginning that a tournament was going to have to change.

nice james, i need to stop being lazy and pick up a copy of xii >_<

its a good game

haha you got worked in sthd by a random pop song :stuck_out_tongue:
We still gotta run that money match mauhaha

it’s another milwaukee player who’s really good, wi owns in sthd

Good stuff James! :tup: Clark is a bastard.

Humbag was combo-ing into Clark air throws all day. It was pretty badass.

The FIO 3 environment is pretty cool…
thats dope how did i get 4th and 5th???

Hey… i might not be really active in the forums or fighting community but i do try to beast in hdr. Watch out for me

ya rex trust me he’s good and i don’t say that about a lot of players, i think over 90 percent of the people who play the game aren’t that great, i don’t care how many hours they idle in the st rooms on ggpo or 2df.

lol i was just playin sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

ya i know i’m not mad

tourney was sweet you guys… i didnt do any of these side tournies… but hopefully we’ll get SC4 in next time… i was looking forward to going up against Syxx in it, just to have a chance to redeem myself from getting smoked first round in BB against him…

I also saw Humbag literally smashing folks with Clark in KOFXII… i was like ‘i thought speed was preferred in kof over powah??’… did they ever give away that OXM converter?..i was sposta be on the look out for it …when did this footrace go on?.. where is the main tourney results thread?.. dunno… but i’ll wait for it to give shoutouts and tell the tale of me losing a car in chitown…

Syxx, what’s up with Nino getting both 4th and 5th in the HDR tourney?

Also, does anyone know the results for 6th-12th in KofXII? I had them written down on a sheet of paper that I lost somewhere near the TV we were playing on.


That was my fault.

I was half-asleep when I was posting those.