ULTIMATE! Fight It Out III SF4/BB/TvC/HDr 8-01-2009


I Play Games Presents

ULTIMATE! Fight It Out III: 3rd strike!!!

It has been brought to my attention that
The University wants us to have everyone enter the school in the fron entrance the WABASH side.

Paid Parking will also be provided on the wabash side of the building behind the parking lot.

Aug 1, 2009
Roosevelt University
426 S. Michigan Ave

Registration starts promptly at 11:00 AM
Pre-reg in this thread

Registration and Venue: $12 flat for competetors
$7 Spectator fee
$8 Discounted Venue Fee (Only w/ PS3)

$12 gets you ALL-DAY access to the venue and signs you up for
But 3 Tournaments that day! (Does not include SF4 teams, HDR, and side tournaments!)

Venue Rules!
If i cannot find you within 3 mins of calling you for a match you are DQ’d, DQ’s are irreversible.

If you are in a side tournament I will give you an addition few mins to finish your match, but you are still not exempt from DQ

There is another event happening down the hall after 6pm. DONT GO OVER THERE AND BE A JACKASS! you may however still be loud and hype.

ONLY get your DQ after you play your 1st round match, i WILL NOT hold up this tourney with people eating.

BYOC. Bring your own equipment. dont rely on being able to borrow controllers and sticks. You may end up playing who you borrow from.

Be careful about lending your stuff out. We DO NOT hold any responsibility over your lost goods.

Top players will be seeded from previous events. Dont cry if you have to play your friends. And unless your bob washington, no bitching about losing lol.

No lending Frankie G money at my tourney.

MM’s will only be done on NON tournament TV’s


SF4 (PS3) Tournament
1st Prize $200
2nd Prize $100

BlazBlu (PS3)
$50 Gif Card

Mystery Tournament (???)
$50 Gif card

SF4 Teams! $10 team entry fee!
60% pot
30% pot
10% pot

SFII HDremix
60% pot
30% pot
10% pot


SF4 Doubles


Mystery Tourney!!!

SF4 Singles


Side tournies will run throughout the day ~_^

I dont know care what the critics think, but VIOLENCE is a BEAUTIFUL THING!

More details comming soon!


SF4 singles
2/3 rounds
2/3 matches
Timer set to 99
All finals are 3/5

Rules comming soon!

SF4 Doubles
Winner stays on rules
Player A beats Player A then plays Player B from the team
You may only pick one character and must stick with that character the whole tournament
No team may have 2 of the same character
You will be required to pick a team order and stick to it
2/3 rounds
1 match per player
Finals will be 3/5 rounds

Mystery tournament!!!
Finals will be 3/5 rounds

EVO Rules
Youtube Akuma Banned




There WILL be food vended by DAIRY QUEEN inside the venue, so you wont have to leave and risk disqualifacation.


[COLOR=Black]For those of you who will be ordering from DQ. Here is the rushdown!

At the start of a tourney (like 20-30 mins beforehand) We will take orders En masse from DQ then they will go make the food and DELIVER it to us over @ FIO III about 15-20mins after the tourney gets underway. So order as much as you think your gonna eat during that tourney! :slight_smile:

Dairy Queen has Burgers hotdawgs snack wraps and ice cream (of course) and they have a dollar menu for you cheap skates.


Side tournament list

  1. TvC (Josh)
  2. MvC2 (Frankie)
  3. CvS2 (Frankie)
  4. Puzzle Fighter HDR (Josh)
    Webster sux lol
In our quest to create the best gaming environment, I PLAY GAMES has taken the extra steps in trying to provide tournmanets that continue to get better and better.  So now in addition to the food service from Dairy Queen during FIO 3, we have also confirmed two vendors (possibly more) for this event.
The first of which is Extreme Mods.  Extreme Mods, does awesome and very professional custom modding for your XBOX 360, PS3, Nnintendo Wii, PSP, and Nintendo DS.  They create custom cases, for consoles and controls, and other perphials like converters and adapters take a look at their website.
For FIO 3 there will be the following GiveAways from Extreme Mods:
2 PS3 Arcade sticks
3 XBOX 360 custom cases
3 XBOX custom controller cases
XCM rapid fire converter(gives controllers rapid fire ability and can convert xbox 360 controller to PS3 or vice versa)
Also with us at FIO3 is GalacticForceToys
Wrigleyville/Lakeview's top location for gaming and toys. We offer a vast selection of board games, card games, miniatures, and role playing games. We also carry a large selection of toys including G.I. Joe and Transformers, as well as action figures from your favorite video games and movies. We   carry baseball cards, and movie and entertainment cards too.Whatever we don't have in stock, we can most likely order for you. 


It’s likely I’ll be there.


I’m so fucking there it’ll make your head spin. :rofl:

Was waiting for this, J, glad to see it’s official. I’ll bring my 360 like I did last time, but like last time as well, I’ll need a TV.

I’m thinking KoF XII instead of SF4 2v2, get some variety up in there.

Also, pre-reg me for SF4, BB, Mystery (for now)


Love that venue again! Tournaments are fucking great at that location, Ill be there!


I’ll be there!


totally there!.. aint got a PS3 ta bring… tho… and i vote we keep SF4 doubles… but there’s no love for 3d fighters here either?.. oh well still there on the spot…


I didn’t know there was a dairy queen there

what 3d fighter were you interested in playing, barzaad


Run 3s again. It was fun last time.

Ill be there 100%

Had a great time last time.


I can def bring a PS3 if I get a ride from the far north side. Last time was a shit ton of fun. Mr Man where you at for that sim/dictator doubles?


I’ll run TvC if needed; $1 entry.

Also, I want to run Puzzle Fighter HDR $1 side tourney.

I can also bring a PS3 with SF4/HDR/SC4/BB/KOFXII/PFHRD and other stuff.


Also, I’m going to call the winners of each tournament RIGHT NOW!

-SF4 Singles: Ari
-SF4 Doubles: Ari/Anyone
-BlazBlue: Frankie
-SF2HDR: Syxx
-Mystery Tournament: J-Money
-TvC: EmptyShiki
-Puzzle Fighter HDR: AuhsojSivart (bring it, anyone)


lol, I would appriciate it if someone took Ari’s fight money… in FACT if anyone beats Ari in SF4 and knocks him out ill give you 25 bucks. or somthing?

Frankie isnt winning BB EVER!

Im not winning the mystery tounament cuz i fail at games.


PUZZ Fighter lets go son MM!!!

also get hype!



I’ll play you in Puzzle Fighter for $25.

No joke.


o rly?

and yeah frankie’s not winning blazblue. definitely, absolutely not winning.


Eh, I’m just mostly rooting for my faves than actually making predictions.

Except in Puzzle Fighter.

I am THE TRUTH in Puzzle Fighter.

My girlfriend, Vicky, will place in top 3 in Puzzle Fighter, too, if she comes.


Are you a TRanny?

-Frankie :cool:


I’ll be there, dude. Yoga-Psycho, Inc. is BACK…to keep the kids off drugs.


these results are truth

well except I don’t think frankie will get top 5 in blazblue a month after the game has been out. Please surprise us for once. If I can win tournaments, anyone can.


yeah dude… me and Jay discovered that DQ by accident at F.I.O.2… it’s was camoflauged or sumthin… delicious… and i’d play any 3D fighter… VF5, T5-6, SC4, DOA4, KOF:MI… any of em… but my personal prefrences go to VF5 and SC4…