Ultimate Gaming Spot Dedham MA

still plannin to make it down, I’m gonna be hittin the road with Eighty88 in a little bit. I got my own monitor which I’d be glad to bring, and a system setup with all the current DLCs for KoF and SF. you guys got any monitors that do HDMI tho? mine doesn’t and it’d be way easier as far as cables go.

see y’all in a bit, I’m there for KoF!

Good games!

I need a ride out there. Anyone from the Boston area head out there? Have Gas money and PS/360 Setup as well as an Asus. Not that the Asus matters, UGS is stacked with EVO monitors.

GG’s from Saturday KOF sessions guys!

Also I’ve been “called in” for work today, meaning @ 7pm will be another Fight Night at UGS tonight (Monday) anyone looking for games feel free to stop by!

Fight Night Tonight! Bring It!

Fight Night on Saturday and Tournament next week:


Saturday Supercade (Fight Night) Tonight! . . . Snow?! This New England!:



Incoming UMVC3 Final Matches:




GGS to everyone I played.
Shoutouts to team Replayd, BrainDux and Gill Hustle for a fun tournament.
We gotta get a mystery game in there, my vote is the original Pong.

Thinking about going for the first time tonight. Is everything Xbox? I only have a ps3 stick.

Because I’m HotWire

Right now I only have 2 PS3’s . . . but your in luck! My PS3 to Xbox 360 convertors came in !

So as long as your stick is wired (Which I’m sure it is) you can play on 360! Also:

Tonight’s “Special Guest!”:


At first I wasn’t to sure about this game cuz I just mashed my way through story mode, and tested characters I knew already and was like meh.

But then I played some OFFLINE competition . . . THE SOUL STILL BURNS!

Nice, all I’ve been playing these last 2 days is sc5. Even though I’m terrible…

Because I’m HotWire



Saturday Supercade (Fight Night) @ UGS!

With Soul Calibur 5 and Special Guest:


Of course I have a “legal” copy :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this set up:


Hey Gill, do you guys have nights usually dedicated to a certain game? I’m looking for the Street Fighter 4 crowd.

ATM the most consistent players on Fight Nights are I’d say the UMV3 and Tekken crowd. Some of those players play SF but as a whole, SF players come in and out.

I consider myself a versatile player and as such HATE watching someone playing any game by themselves, so I WON’T let someone sit and play a game in training mode by themselves.

So if you happen the be the only SF player for the night, I’ll make sure to give you some games in SF.

Juri is my main with Cammy secondary.

Fight Night Tonight!