Ultimate Gaming Spot Dedham MA

Shout Outs to all the " New Challengers" that showed up @ Fight Night yesterday:



Really glad to see so much interest in the wide variety of fighters (glad I picked up BlazBlue this week and got a chance to dust off GG: Accent Core)

So this weekend will continue with the fun! As stated why stay at home to watch the stream when you can do it with like minded people?

I’ll probably swing by tomorrow to watch the Winter Brawl stream and show off some of my wolverine + drones bullshit.

Fight Night tonight with Winter Brawl Stream and MY " Special Guest"


are you doing something today?

I will be in around 3pm so there will be games.

sup dudes, we got a tournament in fall river this saturday and I am TRYING LIKE HELL to get people out there for KoF. I’m outta Braintree, I’ll be bringing 8088 up at least, and if you’re relatively near me and play KoF, LOOK ME THE HELL UP.

as it stands, KoF isn’t on the bill. lets change that. look me up and give shouts on the thread and the facebook event. lets get KoF in there.

I think I will be attending. And for peeps looking to level up, FIGHT NIGHT TONIGHT!

Heading out to New England Fight Scene Tournament in Fall River so there will be NO Fight Night this Saturday!

Fall River was fun! In shop today if anyone’s looking for games!

Tournament Announced!:

Fight Night Tonight!

Fight Night Tonight with Final Round Stream!

Fight Night tonight with Sf x Tekken! I’ll be in around 6pm .

Fight Night Tonight! But you should know that by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ran into some issues, but will be in @ 8pm with some locals for SF X Tekken action!


Guess what day it is?

Time to pop open them cans of WHUP AZZ! FIGHT NGHT!

This just in:


So I’ve got the Demo with the 4 playable characters and will have it in store Thursday for anyone interested.

Also a friend streamed (The most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to DOA) some video for those looking for insight here:

And I still have not opened NG3 . . .

Fight Night!

good shit to all who plan to play this weekend. I assume Gill will run dat KoF and I plan to run it out in fall river. get down to whichever one you’re closer to, GET DOWN TO ONE OF THESE TOURNEYS ON SATURDAY!