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After doing some research I’ve decided to start doing $5 Day Passes on days UGS is open.

Meaning $5 let’s you play ALL DAY! Thursdays and Saturdays will cater to the fight crowd but if stations are open I don’t mind letting people play whatever on Fridays and Sundays.

Please like and check the facebook:

for updates.

Also did some renovating:


Okay guys I have a new schedule for UGS:

Days open are now Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Thursdays will now be known as “Thursday Nite Throwdowns” with all stations dedicated to fighters.

Fridays will hence forth be called “Frag Fridays” in which stations will be used for games that encourage system link like Gears 3 : ).

Saturdays take the moniker of " Saturday Supercade" meaning that if you grew up in the arcade prime, game types from that era (Fighting, Racing, Music, 4 player co-op) will co-exist. Of course new school games like SSF4 and old favorites like Power Stone, can be together on the same nite.

“Sunday Sports”, as the name suggests will be dedicated to games ranging from Madden to NBA Jam.

Of course keep in mind that if you stop in and would like to play a “different title” on an open station, I will have no issue popping it in for you. And it’s cool to bring something for everyone to play.

BTW, I’m gonna do another fighting tournament on the 28th:

And hope to do a Madden and Gears 3 tourney in the near future.

That is all.

Shout Outs to the New England Tekken Crew last night:


Tekken Match Vids being uploaded here:

Saturday SUPERCADE! with special guest:


Yeah I’m bringing it BACK! Of course this counts as a Fight NITE, but VOOT needs some love!

Pic from Saturday SUPERCADE!


It was hard getting people to try VOOT (Theses young kids LOL) but I did get some good KOF XIII matches in!

yo man, this saturday I’m in there. I’ll try and get the word out to the usual GU crew and see if I can get some of them followin me there

Yo, it’s Jason. I’ll be back Thursday around 6. I’ll try to get something recorded in Sonic Generations.

@ HalfEmpty

Looking forward to it and I may have a “Special Guest” for “Thursday Nite Tenkaichi” (Seeing as some no name fight site stole Throwdown from me LOL)


SWEET! I really liked those speed runs you were doing . . . but don’t forget to brush up on your KOF my dude XD!

Gill, this place looks sick. If I ever have some days off from work I’ll come back.

Yes please do! I have Mega Man X8 a Progressive Scan ready PS2 with Mega Man X8 and a Big screen you can play it on :stuck_out_tongue:

And what’s this . . . another title ready for Saturday Supercade!


Let it be known I know NOTHING about this game other than it’s a shooter that’s popular with anime heads (that I got it cheap as hell) so UGS gives it a home but of course XD.

It’s this one:


Fight Nite Tonight! Let’s GO!

Shout Outs to everyone who made it out to Fight Nite (Next one this Saturday). Here’s a snippet of what went down:


Saturday Supercade (Fight Night) Tonight!

still plannin to make it down, I’m gonna be hittin the road with Eighty88 in a little bit. I got my own monitor which I’d be glad to bring, and a system setup with all the current DLCs for KoF and SF. you guys got any monitors that do HDMI tho? mine doesn’t and it’d be way easier as far as cables go.

see y’all in a bit, I’m there for KoF!

Good games!

I need a ride out there. Anyone from the Boston area head out there? Have Gas money and PS/360 Setup as well as an Asus. Not that the Asus matters, UGS is stacked with EVO monitors.

GG’s from Saturday KOF sessions guys!

Also I’ve been “called in” for work today, meaning @ 7pm will be another Fight Night at UGS tonight (Monday) anyone looking for games feel free to stop by!

Fight Night Tonight! Bring It!

Fight Night on Saturday and Tournament next week: