Ultimate heros & heralds video thread

I created this thread to be the home of the new game feature Heros & Heralds. With all the creative people out there i know there’s going to be tons off new tech discovered. With videos and input lets see this feature get played at the highest level. I encourage you all show off your cards & teams.

3 Weskers with permanent XFactor and air dashes. Somebody get a video of this.

When using this team, the game should automatically change all of his lines to “COME AT ME BRO”


I’m going to be working on demoing some different strategies, here’s what I’ve got so far:

PRI: Mephisto (start with +2 HC, regen HC)
SEC: Fin Fang Foom (No longer use setups, have XFactor as long as HC 3 bars or more)
SEC: Multiple Man (Start with a random bonus to HC, play with only first character)


Nemesis | Thor | Hulk
PRI: Daken (Lvl 2 Health Regen, Lvl 2 Red Health destruction)
SEC: Luke Cage (Lvl 2 Vitality Boost)
SEC: Luke Cage


Need more videos like these: