Ultimate hulk vs wolverine #3

Is this fucking thing EVER coming out??? over a year between issues? come on.

i think its done for…aka cancelled

They say it’s just on hiatus while the writer finishes up his TV jobs and such. And then even when he finishes the comic book scripts, they gotta make sure that the artist can set aside time from his current monthly gig to do it. Hasn’t been officially canceled.

if its canceled it’s some serious bs…in the 1+2 collection they show the cover for 3. pluse they say how we’ve all been waiting for it. they’ve built up to it so well. i’ll lose respect for both artist and writer if it doesn’t come out.

It’s only a 4 issue mini isn’t it?

It’s going to come out when Damon Lindeloff runs out of yellow cocaine and gets tired of banging underage Hawaiian hookers.

I was just talking about this the other day. Such nonsense. Fuck Lost or whatever the hell the writer is doing.

Yea that shit pissed me off too.

I heard they were going to finish it totaly, before they release anymore.

Either way seems like it will be awhile.

it as been cancelled indefinately…they’ll get to it one of these days

glad i got both issues and the directors cut

First of all, it’s not the artist’s fault in any way shape or form.
It’s all the writer not finishing the scripts due to Lost.

Secondly, I’ve heard the scripts ARE in and Yu is penciling them inbetween New Avengers.
He’s either completely done or almost done with issue 3 as of now.

Marvel has gone on record stating that they will not solicit the book until all issues have been completed. Pretty sure you’ll see it next year.

Marvel should just release the whole thing a tpb and be done with it, they have made the fans of that series wait enough.

But I’d expect to see the Easter bunny stomping someone ass in the streets before I’d see the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine series completed.

What type of contractual obligations does the comic industry have? I’m curious because situations like this have popped up before and I wonder if a company like Marvel could sue the writer of a book like this because they didn’t deliver.

I can only guess it depends on the writer. Damien Linefold(sp?) and other screen/Hollywood writers probably get passes because either they are doing the books on recommendations from friends (like favors) so Marvel is grateful to have them or Marvel literally think Hollywood writers will draw a bigger market.

yeah i’m pretty sure this was the writer/artist project. something they really wanted to do, so it’s not like marvel said "this needs to be out by this date"
makes battlechasers look like a monthly book.