Ultimate jill 2.0 video thread

To help see jill played @ the highest level i created this thread…If u have any good footage or input drop them here…



  • All attacks float a little higher.
  • Slightly decreased forward moving range of cr.M.
  • Slightly reduced hit box sizes of all jumping attacks.

for now ill put up some links of pulsr



Why do you use capslock so much? Your shouting frightens me

And it might be better to condense all these links in just a couple of posts, helps reduce clutter.
Just my 2 cents

How is it a buff? It means leading up a sum.salted jump loop is going to be harder since they are going to be higher.

[INDENT=1]maybe instead of two mediums after ss its just 1 then heavy launch…but im still not convinced its a nerf[/INDENT]
who knows maybe her machine gun super otg’s better…qcf light , we would have more time to cancell into arrow kick …think outside of ss


(Vanilla MvC3) There’s a Jill player around 24 mins in. Going by the Jill/Wolverine/Iron Man team it might as well be pulsr

nice post…yea that was deff pulsr goin in…

Im so dumb, I had a epiphany of why jill is so broken
She has infinite pressure… She virtually CANNOT BE PUSH BLOCKED

Im so slow -_-

jill is godlike …u didnt know? if she had weskers health shed be cheap…but people dont really know the max potential of jill/jill teams…best $ 5 bucks ive spent this year, …besides on that pillow bag !

Yeah, Jill is REALLY good. Pair her up with Chun-li and the lulz ensues.

Not only can she not be push-blocked, but she has like a 9-1 matchup against tron,X-23,Haggar and like a 10-0 against thor.

Let’s say your fighting a Wesker/Wolverine/Tron team.
Begin the match with a F-H, Teleport,j.S,H,2H,4H and kill off dat wesker. Wolverine comes in, usually with a Herp Dive Kick, Punish that with a SUM-SALT (har har) and take his short sexually frustrated ass of the list.

Feral Dash your ass to the other side and wait for tron and lame her ass out with sum-salt. Watch as they try OVER and OVER again to land a j.S.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsd9gNjTv98 jill sent phoenix

Oh, Jill. Why are you so underrated?


She was underrated before.

She is trash now.

why do you think shes trash now

System changes, her hitboxes changes, still low life with all the risks she takes to get in.

She is nothing. At least, in Vanilla her assists were decent and while still risky, her damage and hitboxes were great + her meter gains.

Now, she is only a hot babe with a huge ass but that doesn’t win tournaments and I want to be competitive in those.

i hear you…but i think her potential is the x factor…im lovin her command grab buff…anti air still godlike…just those alone is why she’s not trash, what makes jill look trash is when your getting zoned n dont know what to do

i will say this in umvc3 if your running jill it would be better to have a team thats 2/3 zonning capable, and keep her in the second slot …ive been doing good running her second…isnt that right@ NONSEXUAL RICE LOL GGS