Ultimate list of Fighting Game YouTube channels


YouTube - Mkaityo’s Channel GGXXAC

YouTube - Goldenrody’s Channel GGXXAC

YouTube - HamaOrder’s Channel GGXXAC

YouTube - CamoLescroc’s Channel GGXXAC

More like, whatever the fuck I want.

Also, damn dude

Thx for the add there and yes, AWESOME post!

Hard work indeed, I just don’t see why he’s doing a re-do of Xenozip’s thread sticky in the video subforum.

I think you missed this one
YouTube - jinapon’s Channel SFEX2p matches

This is my archive channel and it’s 100% open to requests (doesn’t matter which game). Otherwise, I will upload stuff at random.

This is my house channel and the only thing more to come here is SSF4/STHD (both online/offline) and TvC (online only).

Thanks for linking my channels. :tup:

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YouTube - SaishuuKessen’s Channel GGXXAC, SFA

awwww my channel made it sniffle sniffle thanks… I have been meaning to put up other fighting game stuff some day… thanks

YouTube - chueytoo’s Channel

For some Irish BlazBlue.


betobmx last blade and kof channel YouTube - elbetobmx’s Channel
moriya* last blade channel YouTube - TheMoriya’s Channel

Moved to the Video Gallery where it belongs.

Thank you for including me on your list. Excellent job gathering all of these links together. And damn am I diverse in my uploading selection. Sweet.

that’s a great list! :slight_smile:

I backed this up on Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/9Y7SBpux. It has 2270 channels listed.

But this is new and only link I’ll update from now on: https://pastebin.com/pZSUScER

Taking other people’s vids and putting them on your youtube uploads without attribution is really gross. I respect that youtube put a knife through all the old great video sites, but there’s no need to encourage that kind of thing.

Most of his mvc2 vids are gone now, since they were just ripped from my site without permission. I’ve got my own youtube channel and can upload stuff as needed. Please don’t do it for me - I’ll regretfully take it down if I find out about it.

Nope - I was just saying that that particular guy is a jerk. :slight_smile:

He’s saying something similar to Maj’s complaint about EH in affect. People on u2b ripping his videos onto their computer. Then reuploading them to their channels as their own. Sometimes they even delete the watermarks on the video, logos at the beginning and credits at the end to “hide” their misdeed.

Ah cool mines up there thanks for that! :smiley:

Though from now on the only things I will be uploading on there will be 3s and MVC3 matches.

Also I am talking about the EBSF1FAN channel lol.

YouTube - ek1ypzeHD’s Channel SSFIV, Ikaruga

All videos in HD (1080i) format, some videos re-encoded for optimal quality.