Ultimate magneto 2.0 lvl up video thread



I created this thread to help the magneto community level up their game quick!!! With combo & gameplay videos we can all learn something new. Magnetos new moves and slower air dashes it would be cool to actually see how we all adapt, and abuse the new changes…If you have any footage or input post them here…!!!


Oh yeah man, for sure! Let me just check out my copy of the game so I can…

>: [ Game is a goddamn month away.


.lol ikno dude…i just wanted to throw it up now before someone else does


First hour of training mode = WHY DOES NOTHING WORK?!

Second hour of training mode = okay some things work.

Third hour of training mode = GRAVITATION! GRAVITATION! ATTRACTION!


hopefully that move makes up for slower tri dashes…


you guys check out that UMVC3 changes vid by Maximilian? he was doing a variation of the adf MH day 1 loop as well as a ROM-ish loop for a couple of reps I think that could have transitioned into corner grav loop.


Okay here’s a rundown of what I’ve seen/heard work in Ultimate from a midscreen starting point
:s: sj xx j.:h: adf j.:m: xx fly j.:l::m::h: [adf :h:] x 5 :s:
-verified and shown on youtube by TeamKhaosSlash.
-however, this combo cannot be linked after a j:h: addf :h:, so there are no more side switching shenanigans into Grav Loop. The opponent will flip out of the combo after the j:m: during the fly animation.

:s: sj xx j.:h: addf j:h: land [j.:h: adf j:m::h:]x2 into Grav Loop or Disruptor or :s: or whatever
-verified and shown on youtube by Maximilian
-solid day 1 BnB everyone should be familiar with if they’re having trouble transitioning into Ultimate

:s: sj xx j.:h: addf j:h: sj xx j:h: addf j.:h: land, dash forward s.:s: sj xx j.:h: addf j:h: sj xx j:h: addf j.:h: into whatever
-verified and shown on youtube by Maximilian
-pseudo-ROM loop, basically is the same shit

:s: sj xx j.:h: addf j:h: [sj xx j:m: addf j.:h:] xN
-verified by EMP Remix, no footage available
-should be able to start with j:h:'s for the first rep since it works for every other combo

:s: sj xx j.:h: adf j:h: xx Magnetic Blast :l: land, j.f :h: xx Magnetic Blast :h: land, cr.:h::s: sj xx j.:h: adf j.:h: xx Magnetic Blast :l: land, j.f :m:,:h: xx Magnetic Blast :l:, land s.:s: j.:m::m::h::s:
-verified by combo creator Alioune, no footage available.


This thread is going to die from not being updated. Dude, one of use who is always posting here (Me, you, bloo, a few others) should take the responsability, get Karsticle’s Thread template and create THE thread.


corner grav loop only works in vanilla because stand H causes a soft knockdown (meaning it is unaffected by hitstun scaling)

if grav loop still works in ultimate it will likely not let you loop it very much, if at all.


I’m not that surprised that they nerfed HG loops to be honest, since it was really what made Magneto broken in vanilla. However, the Eurogamer videos showed us it can be looped 2-3 times at least.


As long as I can still corner unfly into tempest, I’m good.


Hey guys do you think the :s: sj xx j.:h: adf j.:m: xx fly j.:m::h: [adf :m::h:] variant of the fly loop still works? I not really good with the other variants so I would like to know.


Hyperswag loops DEFINITELY 100% work but not as many reps as we can get now


I’m not that deep into the game, but does anyone know if this loop still works. http://youtu.be/oraj7POQop8


It should work with slight modifications, as j. :h: causes more pushback


in this video you will see magnetos new move explained


I think I might do that soon.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3TDMxClXvk <-----marlin pie
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjC_mASEIMA <—shows off repulsion & fatal attraction




So much win I know stuff like that won’t work in tournament (Unless I play someone who just picked fighting games up that day or something) but trolling online with that will be priceless.