Ultimate Magneto Combo Thread: It's my BnB, I Never Fuck It Up



Okay well if you’re having too much difficulty with j.h, ADF, j.H, then do j.h, ADF, j,M


What TenguEgg said was correct.

This^ is the standard Fly Loop starter. j.H, ADF, j.H is not the standard Fly Loop starter. What you see fanatiq do is coversion off of an anti air, or use a different starter before going into the Fly Loop. <— if you do one of those the game wont allow you to use the SFLoop because of HSD, so you have to use j.H, ADF, j.H.

This^ is the only thing you need to do to land the j.H, ADF, j.H. Fly Loop.


I’d kick you in the face for answering me like that. Real talk. Not you, Ika.


I was thinking the same thing :smiley:


Thats why I stay on the internet.


The most reps I’ve done with the regular EMP Loop is 5. You want to keep it at 2 reps though if you plan on converting into other corner combos. Don’t bother with cr.L, S scales too much.


Don’t get in a wreck with Azn Boy. whisper He doesn’t have insurance.:eek:

Anyway, the c.L version is good for smaller characters and you can still build 2bars for GravSqueeze. I agree with Azn Boy tho, you should only do 2 or 3(max) reps of the EMP loop, so you can easily convert into something else. That’s Allstate’s stand… are you in good hands?:coffee:


Once again thank you guys for this excellent thread it helped me out alot so I owe you guys a combo video lol


I just learned the Fanatiq starter except I added Magnetic Blast loops at the end instead of a fly loop. That crossover is SO useful and the positioning the second ROM rep gives you makes it very easy to get to the other side.


How do I transition from Magnetic Blast/Fly loop hybrid to hyper grav loop? From fly loop I’ve just been using unfly j.H, s.H xx Hyper grav but when I add the first rep of a Mag. Blast loop, they pop out either before the j.H or after it not allowing me to follow up.


The addf jH jS st.H xx Hyper Grav variant works better for that


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So im using Mag/Sent/Doom and im curious what the proper way is to confirm off of drones when they hit in the air.
Im guessing its some sort of fly cancel im not sure where to find this tho, Anyone know how to do this?


j.MH xx L Magnetic Blast
j.HS xx addf j.H
j.HS xx addf j.L > st.L
j.H xx adf j.MH

pretty much.


How do I get the S variant of the hyper grav loop to work? Is it really just a timing issue? Outside XF it doesn’t work for me at all.


Good question :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve only done like one or 2 reps of it w/o XF.


The timing is pretty strict, IMO it’s not worth it since the meter gain benefit you get from it is marginal.


Which combos corner-carry the farthest and transition into hyper-grav?


Most of them corner carry except for some of the simpler Flight loops and Magnetic Blast loops. ROM is probably the best corner carry but honestly you can do the Fanatiq side switch combo when you’re backed into a corner for a lot less effort than ROM.


IMO, switching sides is the way to good. fullscreen combos are kinda impractical with Magnus since there’s so many side switching techniques, but don’t be afraid to play how you want to play. If you like fullscreen combos don’t let anyone talk you out of using them. create your own playstyle:tup: