Ultimate Magneto Combo Thread: It's my BnB, I Never Fuck It Up

it hits

I can’t get the Fanatiq combo to work. After I land j.H ADF j. H; the Fly j. L misses… any tips, please?

Make sure the opponent is above you. They have to be practically on top of you for the j.L to hit.

<_< I came up with the “poverty rom magnetic blast” combo on day -3

OH YEAH I forgot your name lol I’ll add you to the credits

Sick thread!, here’s a lil corner combo you can add to it if you like.


cr. :l::m::h::s: xxsj j.:h:adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) st.:h:xx:qcb::l:, njuf, adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) :s: xxsj j.:h:adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) st.:h:xx:qcb::l:, njuf, adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) st.:h::s:xxsj j.:h: xx add j.:s: (land) st.:h::s: sjxx j.:m::m::h::s:

Does 600,000 Damage, 800,000 w j.:h:xx Tempest ender. Builds a little over 1.5 meters.

Probably should go under the “advanced combos” section since it requires the player to be proficient at the Box-dash Magnetic Blasts and EMP looping.

here’s another corner blast combo:

builds roughly 1.80 meter before super and does 621,500 using missiles/drones extension (does around 800-840k with super)
tri j:s: cr:l::h: :s: sjuf j:h: adf j:h: 896:l: land sjuf j:h: adf j:h: 896:l: land s:h: 214:l: s:h:+:a1: j:m::m::h::s: land 214:h: s:h:+:a2: sj j:h::s: [full drones assist hit before landing] 214:h: xx super

slight variations:


So Magnus is kind of like a side project for me at the moment, I was just wondering if any of you made the EMP loop as your main BnB? I thought it looked pretty sweet and I took it in the lab, surprisingly its pretty easy. It draws many similarites towards Mazios Doom loop, which I also learned, but its extremely hard to convert into that loop for more than 1 or 2 reps if my starter wasn’t optimal, so I end up doing basic foot dive loops more often than not. Is the EMP like this too? I’m using the cr.l St.S variant for now, I think I cap out at 3 or 4 reps with that though.

If I go for EMP loop in a match I don’t go for more than 2 reps (unless in XF) and transition into other combos.

I’m trying to learn Magneto to help out a friend and so I need to ask. How the FUCK do you do H air dash H into fly L? After that the 5 Hs and whatever but I can never get that god damn fly L to hit shit never works when I do it. They are are way to far away for that L to hit. So what’s the trick? I don’t own a copy of the game so I can’t dick around in training mode to figure out why what I’m doing does or doesn’t work. Someone just give it to me on the straight and narrow so I can learn this when I stop by my buddy’s house tomorrow night.

Do j.h, ADF, j,M xx Fly j.L, j.H, ADF, j.H x5

Not j.h, ADF, j.H

No it is H. I’ve seen Fanatiq do it a million times it’s with H. Two Air Dash Hs. Plus all the combos at the top of this list say H into H. Soooooooooooo if you’d like to tell me how to do it, I’d appreciate it.

delay your SJ after launch and try to hit their feet with the first jH.

Okay well if you’re having too much difficulty with j.h, ADF, j.H, then do j.h, ADF, j,M

What TenguEgg said was correct.

This^ is the standard Fly Loop starter. j.H, ADF, j.H is not the standard Fly Loop starter. What you see fanatiq do is coversion off of an anti air, or use a different starter before going into the Fly Loop. <— if you do one of those the game wont allow you to use the SFLoop because of HSD, so you have to use j.H, ADF, j.H.

This^ is the only thing you need to do to land the j.H, ADF, j.H. Fly Loop.

I’d kick you in the face for answering me like that. Real talk. Not you, Ika.

I was thinking the same thing :smiley:

Thats why I stay on the internet.

The most reps I’ve done with the regular EMP Loop is 5. You want to keep it at 2 reps though if you plan on converting into other corner combos. Don’t bother with cr.L, S scales too much.

Don’t get in a wreck with Azn Boy. whisper He doesn’t have insurance.:eek:

Anyway, the c.L version is good for smaller characters and you can still build 2bars for GravSqueeze. I agree with Azn Boy tho, you should only do 2 or 3(max) reps of the EMP loop, so you can easily convert into something else. That’s Allstate’s stand… are you in good hands?:coffee: