Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Assist wishlist!


This. Also, make it the H version.
Keep Rolling Buckler as it is.
Replace Cat Spike H with either Cat Spike M or Delta Kick M. Heck, even Toy Touch would be better.

In general, though, I think DPs should have invincibility until the ‘fall’ of the attack. Also, rather than make Tron and Haggar have useless assists, keep them invincible on start up but make their vulnerable state last a little bit longer.

I also wish we had some Grab assists like in MvC2. I had so many cheap as hell set-ups with Anakaris’ and Omega Red’s grab assist back then… I was honestly dreaming up similar shenanigans with Super Skrull before the game came out.


Change Chris’s combination punch 2 flamethrower, that is all.


make Storm assist not ass ie

-Whirlwind needs to NOT push people away
-Typhoon needs to track

-a GTFO assist that doesnt lead to a free combo like cable’s schimitar or corridor

  • more cover beam/drones type assist


LOL at people requesting Dorm’s carpet and Zero’s lv. 3 buster as assists, and that Haggar’s assist stay the same as in vanilla.

M Analyze Cube. Replaces Bomb.

Shuma Gorath:
st. H. Replaces Mystic Stare.

Swiss Cheese. Replaces Berserker Slash

Shield Deflect. Replaces Heavenly Slash

Satellites. Replaces Gustaff Fire. DO IT CAPCOM!

M Hoodlum Launcher. Replaces Pipe.

L Mighty Strike. Replaces M Mighty Strike.

Repulsion. Replaces Force Field.

Captain America:
H Shield Slash. Replaces Stars and Stripes.

Chun Li:
Kikouanken. Replaces Kikouken.

M Lightning Sphere. Replaces Double Typhoon.


phoenix wright captain corridor assist.


Don’t replace assists. That’s comparable to removing a character. Not AS bad, of course, but you still screw over people’s team synergy.


Scrap what I said earlier.
Give us custom assists.
The fucking end.


Spider-Man: L Spider Sting with Spider Bite


frank west better be able to call zombies.


If only UMvC3 would give us this. A full set of specials with a ‘preset’ option before the character select screen would be amazing.


In a dream MVC3 that’d be good and all, but UMVC3 still has 3 assist choices, so I’m sticking with that.


V.Joe: Either a hamburger to give health like MVC2-Jill or Blue film to give meter like Morrigan/Ammy.

Don’t really care too much which assist would be replaced, for obvious reasons.


Task: Change Parabolic Arrow to Either Spidey Swing or Shield Skills & leave Vertical Arrows alone as I’m probably the only person who uses them
Chris: Combo Punch to Flamethrower (does combo punch have invincibility if done as variable counter?)
Dorm: Purification to Flame
Hulk: Standing :h:


I’d sooner replace the shield, honestly seeing the shield go up basically says “super me” to your opponent.
If they catch it, you’re super’d. Now if they make it block supers well well well! That and I’d prefer the L. Cube.

The choice of “More” assists would be pretty awesome though. Just call them:
Alpha: A/B/C
Beta: A/B/C

That would open a shit storm of possibilities alone…


hahah! yeah that would NEVER happen… imagine trons h drill as an assist… oh the utter hilarity. it would be like mvc1 colossus only infinite spawns.

but while we’re calling out overpowered specials as assists… i’d like ironmans h repulsor blast as an assist… so i can poke the entire screen with high priority.

really though… if i had it my way i just want a few more invincible assists… they make people play smarter.



Magneto: Gravity Squeeze to compensate for the loss of tron
Sentinel: Tigerknee hardrive to compensate for the loss of haggar
Hire me already capcom!


Nemesis:A FULLY armored attack

She-Hulk: Heavy Strike :qcf: :h:


My dreams, you have shattered them :frowning:

Giving invulnerability assist to characters with enough rush down on their own to keep someone locked into the corner (See Amaterasu) doesn’t seem right. Maybe instead it could be that for every attack blocked, the defending player gains x% of some sort of balanced frames of invulnerability on the assist they call next. Then, when they either call an assist or find themselves being hit, the percentage would reset, allowing for smarter play concerning offensive and also, a minor comeback mechanic for anyone feeling the hurt from Wolverine/Akuma while still requiring the player to put some sort of thought into when to use the assist (And not get hit too).

I just don’t think invulnerability assist are the surefire way to balance things without making a system for it to benefit low tier characters more.


imho the games 2 invulnerable assists already benefit the lower tier characters pretty well… they definitely make them better. as a small example look at andy ocr’s storm/haggar pairing… sure storm isnt low tier… but she cant combo off of it as easily as as say dante/doom… but it still benefits her greatly in the fact that you have to respect it. and making people respect your defensive options leads to smarter play imho cause they cant just default to patterns # 1-3 for easy mode mixup and lockdown. arthur also benefits greatly from haggar… yet its kinda hard for arthur to get anything significant from him.



I want user defined assists… when you choose a character you get control of him at select screen, then you do any move… that move becomes his assist with the exact same properties of the move done on point, end of story