Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - Bad Games

Air them out and give feedback. Hate mail contest with prizes coming soon! I want to see the best hate mail, take pictures, upload videos of the beatdowns and post it up so we can make them famous.:rock:

Let’s get this cracking!

Look at you already startin a Mortons’ Thread XD. You must’ve got a few hatemails today LOL

WHAHAAH! You already know. I got a ton of hate mail. 10-20 messages of 100% pure salt in mvc2. Shits crazy. I can only imagine what this game is going to bring. What team u playing?

Dante/Sent/IM. Oh you already know the sodium level is gonna be gdlk LMAO. What team you using?

wow this is starting already lol!!! i can’t wait to play this s***

I know right lets see what those 11 yrs of hatemail and rqers have to say that’s NEW in 2011 LMAO

Sick team. Im maining Thor/Amaterasu/Sent to start off with. If silver surfer makes it in the game, the dog will be replaced asap lol. You going to evo?

There is no holding on. Its time to get this ON! Salt will be spilling everywhere all over this thread. I think after 6 months-1yr we should have some epic matches depending on what level the game goes and how much salt gets created.

damn sentinel is even more broken in this game than he was in mvc2 this is ridiculous

Ya I plan on going to EVO. LMAO i heard ammy will be good for Graffiti all over the screen lol

even though he is slower, too!

Just got it from Capcom’s store. I did Arcade a couple of times to get used to it, then tried online with She-Hulk, X-23, and Amaterasu. I got paired up against team TEN MORE YEARS and lost in thirty seconds flat. I then got this message on xbox live:

“lol u skrub gtfo my game I dont know wut u think this is but marvel is a serious experience not 4 u rofl failure”

So I guess I’m gonna go see what these things go for on eBay now.

salt salt salt!

Can I have your copy? :lol:

:wonder: This thread’s going to be locked until MvC3 is “officially” out. See y’all in 4 days… dood.

I just got raped multiple times. Add me if you want a free win. ;x
I suck which is why I posted in the training partners thread. I suppose it would be a bad game if you win too easily but I’m practicing and I have a great personality!

Fuck this game i lost 5 times, won 4 and every victory i was raged on…god damnit

bgs jerryex, game just came out and u salty sending mail and RQ smdh…

Bad games to chrisfreemind. How are you getting salty this early on in the game? I don’t even remember who he was using, he got destroyed too fast to remember. I only remember Skrull was in the last slot or something, I spammed Cold Star at him with Rosary Amaterasu and he ragequit. Then he messages me and says “run the whole time pussy”, despite me approaching him many times when there was a reason to, and rejoins a room I host, then picks MSS. I lost because I don’t really know how to handle stuff like that on my NEW TEAM, and he acts like he accomplished something.

BGs to Edge Maverick 54. Easy/Simple mode Zero/Dante/Deadpool doing random super and specials. I barely won and he ragequits.

some1 told me they hope I get cancer…
2 ppl in my fam have had it :frowning:

But I think it might have been cuz I was deadpool… or thats me being a marvel geek