Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 n00b

i have recently picked up umvc3 and boy, am I crap. I have some good combos but when ever i play online i can hardly hit them ( cos of lag and i just cant get close). Anybody got any tips for a new player? Or maybe you want to play me to see how crap i am. I have PS3 so if your interested please help out.

It’d help if you gave your team. With most fighting games, patience is the key, but in Marvel you have to know how to attack too. Just make sure you maximize doing safe stuff and minimize the unsafe stuff.

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Movement is probably the most important thing you can learn in Marvel. Can your characters airdash? fly? Double jump? these things are just as valuable as a high damage combo, and ignoring them might be why you can’t get close to your opponent.

Also, you don’t necessarily want to get close. Different characters excel at different ranges.

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