Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3: The Roleplay (Season 1)


Two worlds colliding…

The fates of many infinitely intertwined…

Suspended before the eyes of a true threat…

Welcome to Season 1 of the Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3 Roleplay. In this game, you will have the chance to direct the actions and events between many of the most influential characters in fighting game history. The choices will be yours. With every choice will come a consequence.

If you were hoping for any more of a grand intro…that’s it. The story will be yours and yours alone, guided ever so faintly by my [S]staged[/S] handcrafted Plot Points.

Before we jump into things, let’s lay down some ground rules and establish our character list.

1. Shoryuken’s rules and forum policies remain in full effect via the course of this roleplay. Don’t do anything stupid, don’t get an infraction.

2. No flaming. No trolling.

3. No cybering allowed. Cybering is defined as 'explicit sexual roleplay". Don’t engage in it, request it, or encourage it.

4. No pornographic/sexually explicit or visually gory/graphic images.

5. You must be a functionally-literate person to viably participate in this roleplay. Complete sentences, proper grammar, and all the other nuances that constitute decently passable syntax are a must (unless your character profiles as otherwise).

**6. **No powerplaying. Powerplaying is defined as using techniques, powers, or other similar abilities out of your character’s control to gain an advantage. This includes hearing conversations you couldn’t possibly have heard as well as killing another player without their permission


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Character List

Choose wisely! You must stick with the same character for the entirety of the Season (unless killed)

[LEFT]Jill Valentine - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Shuma Gorath - Bakuhakubasugasu[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Nemesis - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Firebrand - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Strider Hiryu - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phoenix Wright - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Nova - Dshiznetz[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ghost Rider - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doctor Strange - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Chris - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Arthur - Available[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank West - Available[/LEFT]
Vergil - Dante
Iron Fist - Available
Rocket Raccoon - MilesRiey
Hawkeye - Available
Captain America - The_Killah29
Dormammu - Available
Wesker - Diek Stiekem
Zero - Available
Ryu - Available
Dante - Available
Deadpool - Available
Wolverine - Available
Iron Man - Available
Doctor Doom - Antstyle
Morrigan - Available
Tron Bonne - Available
Chun Li - Available
Trish - Thirteenthorder
X-23 - Eternal Blaze
Storm - Available
Thor - LegendaryDJ
MODOK - Available
Felicia - Available
Spencer - Available
Akuma - Mustachio
Viewtiful Joe - Available
Spider-Man - Available
Sentinel - Available
Hulk - Available
Super Skrull - Available
Hsien-Ko (lol) - Available
Haggar - Eivellordsm2
C. Viper - AceKillah
Amaterasu - AlphaCommando
Phoenix - Available
Magneto - Available
She-Hulk - Available
Taskmaster - Available


(no trolling well if you pick deadpool your screwed)




Ten Lisa Trevors!!
Oh I like that!



Not in my city!


Avengers, who is this mustachioed, shirtless man?




Hmm… new test subjects…




Hmm… new test subjects… Intresting…


the mayor don’t you remember

yea… I still need to teach hulk how to wrestle


So how do you organize a party in space??? You planet

Blue blazes


“Avengers Assemble!”

The call was made. It was a sound that could reach the highest gates of the most magnificent city. In the halls of Asgard, Thor sits atop his thrown. Odin has left his kingdom leaving his son to take the reigns. All the political disputes among the people are his worries. All the threats of war are his concerns as well. He is no longer the young, brash boy who would oft times abandon his royal duties for the thrill of battle.

No, this is a Thor who has seen his fair share of battles and has won…and lost…his share of wars both in Asgard and in Midgard.

It pains him to hear the battle cry of one who he respects so very much, but alas it must fall on deaf ears, at least now.

Thor has a kingdom to run.


What has happened to society today when a warrior of this “Strider Hiryu’s” calibre is overshadowed by this criminal?


Mayor? I thought our Mayor was Mayor John Jonah Jameson?

Where are we Avengers?


Indeed, these are shit times.


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but if I wasn’t, I’d pick Jeans because boobs


errr I believe you are suffering from post war stress by thinking John Jonah Jameson the publisher of the news paper with his harsh stories about the do gooder spiderman


You haven’t even made it into the second movie yet.

You’ll need me to defeat Thanos because after all, I did it once without this “Avengers”.