Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)


Think it’s time we get an official thread for this game on PSN. This is not a speculation thread but rather the official thread where players can interact, discuss, or discuss tactics regarding players gameplay or style.

Game is not out yet but please feel free to start telling us who you are and why your team is the best in mind at the moment while we patiently wait for the midnight release of this game a few days from now.

My team as of right now is as follow:

Taskmaster (which ever assist suits well)
Haggar (spinning lariat arms assist)
Chun Li (lightning kick assist)



Searching for a mentor (Ps3 MvC3)
I challenge you to Marvel vs Capcom 3
Anybody up for some mahvel matches?

I think im liking taskmaster,dante,sentinel for my first team. i just hope sentinel kind of feels the same.


I’m going to try every character first :stuck_out_tongue: , but the team that is calling my attention the most is Zero/Ammy/Chun-li


Currently I like Spencer, Haggar, Thor, but I’m gonna try everybody out as well.

Taskmaster, Wisker, Magneto looks like they would be fun…


Just like MvC2 I’ll play everybody, but I’m looking to make my main team Hsien-ko/X-23/Ammy. Hsien-ko’s going to be my Sakura for MvC3 XD.

I’m so hype for the game. Just need to somehow make it past next week…

~ Sokloeum


posting in an epic thread.

havent picked a team yet, but i really like iron man and dante


Im liking storm and dante myself, but will probaby give everyone a try. This seems like the longest two weeks ever waiting for this game to come out…


Hey EZ, can you update ur first post w/ a list of known repeat R-Qers when the game comes out?




Yeah I could but I prefer not too since there are too many Ragequitters on Mvc2 and this game is a completely new game thread so I prefer to start fresh with everyone here. Please feel free to put the list of all rage quitter guys if you guys feel like it.


Still BFL - will definitely be using Hulk, Thor, most likely Haggar. Dormmy may qualify too if his stamina is good.

M.O.D.O.K looks interesting.

Also liking the “little big men” I see: Captain America, Spencer, She-Hulk… there are other candidates. Strong, hard-hitting characters that don’t have the size issues.


I’m hoping that new people start posting on this thread, so far I’ve only seen two. On a side note, I would like to add that us mvc2 hardcore players might not enjoy this game since it does look different but let’s keep in mind that we can’t be stuck on a 11yr old game so we have to move on and play what’s new competitively.


Dante/Sent/IM Team Hellsgate. Sign me up SON!!!


i played it at NYCC

i loved it

cant wait for it!!!


Surely this thread will get much MORE hype when the game comes out. Then again SRK might be shut down because of the traffic. Since I’m a Colossus fan I’m going with Haggar as he seems to have a little bit of Colossus and Zangief in him. Hulk seems to play like HE supposed to, he’s very threatening with the damage he can inflict, regardless of the tier level in the game. Well I wanna try out Haggar, Hulk and Thor as they all seem to deliver the BLOWS.


^ :lol: I fully expect this.

The site may become semi-unusable for a couple of months.


X23, SSkrull, (undecided)


Magneto, Sent, Wesker for starters.

I just hope Mvc3 won’t feel anything like SF4 did on PSN, sluggish and like you were playing underwater. While HDR and Mvc2 netcode is godlike, hope they can come close to those 2 instead this time!


Gonna roll with Ammy/Dante and zero

I pray that the netcode is not shit or like SSF4 or TvC. Goddamn Capcom get your shit right for once


Wolverine, maybe x-23, maybe thor…basically whoever isnt too popular i will play

…and for the delusional ppl who think mvc2’s netcode was better than sf4…i want some of what youre smoking

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