Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)


NICE! did you get h8 mail?


a month later and he’s still doing that


Now he’s gotten paranoid with fresh new PSN IDs since he must’ve gotten trolled like crazy since I posted this. If you have a small number of trophies, he will dodge you…but will invite you to a Player Match to see if you are any good before playing a match with you in Ranked. I accepted his fight request and picked 3 random characters, played like a noob and let him beat me. Then when I got matched up with him in Ranked, I destroyed him. LOL


he doesn’t even do that to me on my second account he just says I’m not worthy because he’s a cosmic lord :frowning: shame because he already gives me salty messages and I haven’t faced him ever :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys I’m holding an open lobby right now pm me if you want an invite or just friend me and we can play later! Psn: achin131


where abouts you from
I don’t want to lag you out plus my ps3 is being weird…


PSN: HanSoo417

Just got a stick and looking for some friendly casual matches to improve my game. I’m still a complete beginner :slight_smile:


PSN: nosison
im okay at marvel and a little bit rusty from a long break. lets play some gaimz!


PSN: CaoZtar<br>Just picked up Marvel 2 weeks ago. I’m a complete scrub looking for practice and tips. More use to AE. Stuck using a gamepad till I can afford an arcade stick. In FL just in case location matters to you.<br>


When the next time your going to be on? I’ll be happy to help you out. Also, I build sticks and am also located in South Orlando/Kissimmee area. Hit me up destinydmm on PSN.


Psn:Chukz15 need someone who is at a begginer level becuase I’m sick of getting Tod every ficking time.


Hey everyone. I’ve played MvC3/Ultimate on/off since both versions orignally came out, mostly with just a few online friends, but I’d like to actually start trying to get better. Looking for fellow beginners/noobs to play with to gain experience(and have fun). I suck at this game. . .alot.

Ps3 tag is razersaw36
Region: US.
State: LA
CT Timezone

Add me please!

PS: I prefer voice chatting on Skype than Ps3 game chat. Skype is ryan.alford36




Hey all. I’m pretty new to this game, and most fighters in general, but I’d really like to play with more people around my skill level.
My PSN is RoyReku. I play UMVC3 and Persona 4 Arena.
I’m from Minnesota BTW.


Hi guys new here to the forums. Recently got a stick last month and im slowly but surely improving. My main team in wolvie (a), doom (a) and dante ( weasel shot). PSN is smadj6470 (I live in the UK). just wanna have some sparring partners who I can get better at the game with. I also play tekken revolution ( not gettin tag 2 until I upgrade my HD).


Is this where I post my PSN ID?
I’m a completely casual player looking to go competitive, and therefore, seeking training and improvement. Also trying to adjust to stick.
Feel free to add me and we can get some matches in whenever.
PSN ID: YukiJudai100
Guess I might as well just say that I also play SSFIV, SFxT, Persona and PS All-Stars, if you’re also interested in those.



I’m trying to get better with this team.


Captain America

I’m a casual player looking to play with anyone of any skill level, and also learning stick.
Feel free to add, and just send a message with the request so I know who you are.
PSN : St3v3n092
I also play Street Fighter V (Steam), Virtual Fighter V Final Showdown (PS3), and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3) and DOA 5 LR (PS3),
Country : United States
State: Florida


I’ve always wanted to play UMVC3. I will be getting it very soon. Please add me so we can play!
PSN ID: Combodreamer.