Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 XBL Thread (Matchmaking, Discussion, etc.)


So, I saw a post in the Saikyo Dojo made by a guy looking for someone to teach him SF4 and Marvel on XBL, but it was closed by a mod who re-directed everyone to this forum. Buuuuuuuuuuuut it looks like there’s nothing here, not sure why, but I’m always looking to play people on Live so why the hell not start a new thread. Let the Marveling begin!

I play Nova/Doom/Ammy as my main team, but I also play Hulk/Dorm/Doom and have a lot of side characters with no set team on them.
I’m looking for matchup experience vs.:
Captain America
C. Viper
Nova (oddly, there aren’t many Novas in my local scene)

However, I’ll gladly play anyone regardless of skill level. West Coast connection, internet’s fairly fast but the connection vs. East Coast is less than perfect.


I run Haggar/Shuma/Strider on XBL. My internet isn’t perfect, but it could be better. It is coming out of Texas, after all.
If you want match-up experience on any of these characters or just want to fight a random 6th Lord (as of now), hit me up at “A Classy Gamer” on XBL. I’m looking to get better on the off chance we get another Texas Showdown in September or October.


Late as holy hell, but for what its worth, here’s my xbl info:
XBL: SoraTehGoon (will be changed to TaiteFGC soon)
Location: Central Alabama
Time: Fridays-Sundays. I’m a high school student and a JROTC Cadet, so my time is pretty varied.
Character: Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye and sometimes Sentinel or Strange even though my Strange is horrid.
Mic: No, but I can pick one up!