Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

does anybody know what website to get sponsored for a Tournament.

Yes, I do! It’s at the website called 'Become good at the game, be marketable, have a magnetic personality, make connections in the scene, place well in tournaments, and/or provide meaningful content for the community."

If you keep raging like that when we played yesterday, won’t be anytime soon.

hahaha owned

Yeah bro go here

Or maybe you could play a fucking fighting game or 2 until somebody thinks you’re worth it. You know, like how everybody else had to.
just a thought

I thought I had a bad attitude towards this game, but this guy would refuse to even listen to any tips and then would complain cuz he got derped out by my

I give him a pass though, as a new player this game is HELL, but it all starts with acceptance that you are going to suck at it before you get good.