Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X?

Yeah Marvel needs some puss.

I want to believe… ; _ ;

Gimmie Gene, Capcom. Just once…

I’d settle for making ass character just… not be ass.

Someone in the viper/zero/sometimes firebrand, I mean, tier thread that Filipino Champ said zero nerf was coming so…

But yeah can we actually get some Quasar up in this bitch?

Buff Haggar.

They need to do what they did to spiderman and change the color of his projectile for his different colors.

I dunno about this. I’m a weary person; cautious by nature. I’m all for more Marvel 3, but… ehh. I’ll believe it when it’s official. Like, official official.

If this is real, they should put Asura in. (Asura’s Wrath)

Moar of that salty bacalaó. Hell yeah. Psylocke damn it.

Buff Haggar.

If this happens can they please leave dante and sentinel alone

Sent needs moar nerfs. I can’t hit him. Take away projectile eating properties on normals and invincibility on hard drive so I can mix him up when he comes in. Can’t have any counter characters to Zero’s incoming mix ups that will keep him in the toppest tier.

i would actually be ok with this you know. im hoping its not a troll, but i am preparing myself for the worst.

would fucking love to see some goddamn powerstone characters!!!


Is it April 1st already?

Zero is going to get bodied so hard by the nerf bat.

Hopefully the same happens to XF, especially XF3.

Hsein Ko will get more items to throw.


i think this video sums up my feelings about this quite well

incoming zero supernerfs and no one will play him anymore, and a new wesker but even a better one

actually now that i think about all the evidence and put it together…

title is called UMvC 3X

people want megaman, would most likely be the “X” version

3 is the amount of times we have been megaman trolled (initial announcement, DOFP background, megaman in SFxT)

… 100% legit.


Make Iron Man’s dash at least normal-cancelable. Then I’ll get giddy.

somebody enlarge that picture and see what is in the image inside the X! i might have a clue of somekind

this video sums up my feelings exactly