Ultimate MK3 Still playable on Xbox Live?

Hey guys,
Im sorry if this is a stupid question but is there anyway to play Ultimate Mk3 on Xbox arcade anymore after midway had it pulled? I didn’t get to buy it previously and just saw they pulled it awhile back. If anyone has any unused codes for the game can they still be used?
Thank you for your time

What do you mean pulled? Is it not available to buy any more?

You can still play it online, yes. The lobby system is kind of fucked up though but people still get on.

After WB acquired some of the Midway properties, including MK, UMK3 was pulled from XBL. If you’ve already purchased it before, you can still download it. But at this time, you cannot buy it.

It will be back, and you can quote me on this. I know from a very good source that its a matter of when, not if.

hopefully soon. The hype train for UMk3 is bigger than it has been in a long time.

but you dont need a 360 or XBL to play the game…online. :wink:

Ugh, I hope you’re right. I really wanna play this now ;/

um, then play it!

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