Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Good Games Thread

You all know what to do…


Good games to Shingodfist.

I’m getting my 360 in 2 days…anyone playing this still? Also how much does UMK3cost?
Also another noob question, but what is a good website for umk3 strats or is there a thread on here?

Go here http://ultimatemk.com/ it’s where the top mk players post. I still play sometimes. I’d play more but not being able to configure you buttons still pisses me off.

thanks man :slight_smile:

can you use one of those xbox sf pads to play on 360 with? at least that d pads not bad lol. maybe they will update the button config thing.

The 360 does not allow you to use any type of converters or any other type of controller that is not USB based. I use a Mad Catz wired controller like this one http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product_id=802218 . It’s a bit better than using the official 360 controller since the Mad Catz one has a cross d-pad and the official one has a crappy round d-pad which is no good for fighting games.

thanks…i’m gonna get that then.
I had some good games today with some people…I can’t rem there names now.
I played with a guy who is in Alabama and I’m in TN. the lag was non existent …it was great :slight_smile:
gg’s to Swift Hobo no lag bc you in al and i’m in tn…sweet.
FEAR YOUR MOM…this dude is a beast…I told him about SRK. no lag and you were in texas…shit was fun!
MLG CaPoNE pretty decent games too. laggy somewhat.

gg’s today too some guy in tn…forgot his name…i think it was Fox Force Elite. no lag at all :slight_smile:


I have it if anyone wants to play me. Im on now.

if anyone else on srk plays this hit me up. Kinda sick of playing srubs they just disconnect all the time. Gamer tag to the left :rock:

Play more HF Wilson:wgrin:

I would if i either got a controller with a better dpad, or a stick for 360. For some reason i can play UMK3 on an analogue fine.

good games to those ive played!

I might buy this if enough people are playing. Is it still going pretty strong?

Yeah its still going. Alot of players online.

I play it all the time, only online fighting game I have been playing. Definetly better than SF2HF unfortunately… that game was setup alllll wrong, so much lag and waiting.

GGs to anyone on here that I have played :slight_smile: .

I enjoy the game at times but it sooo scrub friendly is crazy.

GG the other day. If only I did something other than crouch block though- I was too worried about eating an Ermac death combo, so I just cowered in fear the whole time.

Shock makes playing Reptile look so easy…

I havent played this game since I was eight…but anyways, im having trouble excecuting some moves such as U,D, HK or B,F LK and shit, but stuff like F,F, LP and shit are easy? So whats up :sweat: