Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is incredible


This vid shows just how awesome MK can get on a tournament level. Check it out it is worth it

Destructoid - Podsumaki’s Community Blog

Fantastic podcast that summarizes MK for people who don’t know much about the series and just view it as “that crappy gimmick series for noobs.”

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I agree, UMK3 is awesome.

UMK3 is the amazing game people never knew about.

Need more UMK3 Tournaments watching that video was so exciting.

Does anyone know why UMK 3 is off xbla and if it’s coming back? (couldnt find the right topic to ask and it seemed needless to make a new thread)

thanks in advance.

I don’t know (something to do with Midway’s bankruptcy I think), and it is coming back along with the other early MK games on a single disc or something. “HD” graphics and all. Well, that’s a certain gaming site had up before they took down the page. Most people, including Ed Boon, think it’s a matter of when and not if the games will make their way onto current consoles (again).

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thanks man, can’t wait until it arrives.