Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Official Offline/XBLA/Kaillera/DS GG Thread

GG’s to Dark Rob last night. Matches were INTENSE. We play at his place at least once a week and he’s getting better every day… he’s got a Human Smoke to really watch out for…His Ermac is getting better as well and he’s also learning(as everyone should) Kabal. Great games my sleep deprived brother!

GGs Berb last night. We gotta figure out how to use those Hidden characters (Mileena, Ermac,Classic Sub-Zero) onlline. :sad:


Yea GG’s always looking for people to play, and better my skills and talent, Im normally on #UMK3srk IRC

GG’s Saturday night to Shock, Dark Rob, and AC1984. Great matches and we did a test stream of our matches as well and it was a great time. I hope we get to do it again soon!

Chiro you and shock dark rob and ac should really check out the matchmaking/netplay over mame with me and digi

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