Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (UMK3)


With the recent interest in UMK3, I decided to make this thread. First of all, it would benefit you the most by visiting the sites located in my sig. (www.UltimateMK.com / www.ClassicMK.com / www.MortalKombatEmpires.com) A great majority of the best UMK3 players are on these sites, as well as any information you could possibly need about UMK3.

UMK3 can be played online on XBLA, MAME/Kaillera/P2P, and the Nintendo DS. Whichever you play on is your choice, though there is some differences in the DS version of the game. And you can no longer download UMK3 on XBLA, since Midway is no longer affiliated with MK. So presumably the best option would be on Kaillera, which is free anyway. Visit the aforementioned sites to learn how to accomplish this.

There is several upcoming events that will be holding UMK3 tournaments. Such as on June 11-13 in NYC, Road to EVO 2. UMK3 will be streamed at this event by Team Spooky, so be sure if you can’t attend the tournament to at least visit the stream. All the information about the tournament in general can be located here: http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=222564

This thread can also be a discussion thread for UMK3. And any questions you might have, you can ask them here and I will try to answer them asap. I realize this forum is not in love with MK games, but if you dislike UMK3, just don’t visit this thread.

Now, a few things about UMK3.

UMK3 has a very small top tier, a huge mid tier, and a small bottom tier. There are only a mere handful of universal infinites and almost all characters have counter characters who are traditionally ranked very differently otherwise and might not stand a chance against certain ones in between. All exploits other than the 3 or so universal infinites in the game, are so limited or difficult that they don’t break the game. UMK3 is a fairly balanced game, this is a misconception due to there always being a Human Smoke or Kabal in the finals. While they are the best two characters in the game, as was said above, every character can compete. And UMK3 just doesn’t get the numbers as most games, so the variety in character choice is limited.

UMK3 has a lot to it: Ground Combos, Set-ups, Positioning, Spacing, Footsies, Blocking, Run, Run Jabs, Kara Jabs, Corner Runjabs, Throw Defense, Crossups, Crossup Throws, Special Moves, Punishers, Anti Air, Damage Protection, Pushback, Corner Resets, Fake Ducking, Wake Ups, Glitch Canceling, Relaunch Combos, Buffering/Block Buffering and Off The Grounds. Mind Games play a huge role in UMK3 too. Most of these things are known in other fighters as well.

Most if not all of this is covered in the guides on UltimateMK.com. There is also character specific guides there as well, which are very detailed might I add.

Again, any questions you have, please post them! :wink:

For match videos from various players, visit this youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheUltimateMK

Button set-up for MAME: Thanks to snaek

button 1 = hp
button 2 = bk
button 3 = hk
button 4 = lp
button 5 = lk
button 6 = rn

so it looks like this:

  1   3
  4   5

or if you prefer a standard-style 6 button layout:

1 6 3
4 2 5


Heh, if only UMK3 was on FBA, umk3 GGPO would be gdlk…

But yeah… UMK3 is such a under appreciated game, I wish people would stop bashing it because it has “Mortal Kombat” in its name.


Agreed, the current online services for UMK3 doesn’t do the game justice. If UMK3 was on GGPO, that WOULD be gdlk!


nFBA devs expressed their earnest desire to add UMK3 support…not!


Great thread. Hope more people step up and learn/play UMK3. I personally will be down to play on MAME, so if anyone wants to game (p2p) send me a PM or post up. :tup:

EDIT: UMK3 on GGPO would be auto WIN!


Yeah, we tried to get the FBA guys to code it for FBA but they were very resistant. Make sure you hit us up on the sites in Juggs and my sigs and get down with us in some games!


Thank god. Someone took the hint i gave to make a thread for it. I’ve made enough MK threads here :wgrin:

But people (everyone) need to realize that UMK3 is a top tier fighter and shouldnt be grouped together with MK in general. Listen to the stream from ECT.

The game is hype and needs more love. Head to http://ultimatemk.com/ for all you need to know on how to play it.

Also check out http://mortalkombatempires.com/forum/forum.php & http://classicmk.com/index.php just like in Jugg’s sig.

any questions, feel free to PM me anytime or hit me up @ UMKStatic on AIM :coffee:


I love this game. I used to play on XBL a lot, but now its all laggy South Americans on and I don’t have a proper stick. Are Shock and the guys going to make a trip to Evo this year?


Just recently bought a UMK3 PCB for my Supergun. I can truely die a happy man and stop playing PSX MKT.


Well if MAME runs UMK3 pretty well, I think I’ll be a registering to www.ultimatemk.com today .:cool:


no, even tho UMK3 should be @ Evo :coffee:

Awesome. i fucking HATE MKT with a passion lol

attaboy, Webster

(imaginary ++++rep)


was lookin at the tier list on ultimatemk.com… what happened to mileena in umk3? i’ve always liked the mk series, but never played it that seriously. i used to use mileena a lot in mk2, can someone explain to me why shes so bad in umk3 compared to mk2?


Netplay on MAME? I have to get on this. I NEED some way to play UMK3.


Well briefly, MK2 & UMK3 are completely different, so just because a character is top tier in one game doesnt mean anything in another.

But also, for UMK3 Mileena, they slowed down the sai charge time to eliminate the auto-fire sai from MK2. But she also has to work very hard to get good damage, and the only 2 non projectile specials she has if blocked, leave her in a world of hurt to be punished when blocked. But she is fun to play with, has some nasty combos with her leg combo pop up, and if you ever saw Hanzo play Mileena, you’d think she is top tier. LMAO :coffee:


Is there a youtube channel with a good selection of match vids?


Here is a good start: http://www.youtube.com/user/theultimatemk


I tried playing MK2 recently on MAME (by myself) and it felt dated. MK3 looks pretty sick though. I used to play MK 1, 2, 3 & 4 all the time when I was younger but I remember nothing about them. When it comes to sticks, what do you guys thing the best button layout is?

For MK 1 & 2, mine are


For MK3 I’m thinking of doing


Trying to keep it as close to arcade setting as possible. On a side note, the only way I see MK getting big again if they release a new game that brings back some of the nostalgia factor. Imagine a new 2D MK with HD digitized sprites… or maybe like MK4 but with much imporved graphics (obviously). What do ya think about the subject of popularity, breathing some life into this deadish horse?


On MAME which version of UMK3 is recommended?


You want UMK3 1.2, Tim, is that the page Simon started? I have original copies of a lot of vids from all different players over the years that I’m going to send him so they can be the best quality possible.


Yes, sir. That is it. And there is already some great shit on there via ded. :wgrin: