Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Who plays it? on what? Is there an arcade in Washington state? Also if you do play UMK3 tell us your gamer-tag and times you like to play.

I play on my MAME emulator when I’m bored. I can really only Kabal and Smoke ( lol, just like everyone else).

hey top tier that’s alright, im just trying to stir some interest in this highly over looked game. I play using Mame32k.64 and I’d like to get more people going into the ultimate zero funhouse server to play UMK more often its got an excellent connection for the West coast.

hmm… sounds cool. I’m down for that.

I try to play every now & then on Mame. Play Ermac mainly.

SNES or bust nigga

I used to play a lot on XBL until SS4 came out. If you’re on XBL add me and i’ll play with you.

That game is so stupidly broken, however. They need to remove Kabal and Smoke (annoying points go to Ermac and Night Wolf) and get rid of that dumb Run, Jab everyone spams.

Good stuff Northwest!

dont hate, scrub. :coffee:


I don’t have Xbox but I do play often on Mame32k.64 and Mame.119++ Im on right now in fact if anyone wants to play?

nominated for an article lol

Thanks for the support Tim! Keep your eyes peeled for a new server west coast umk3!!! with p2p speeds for the northwest its like playing in an arcade. Also if you were unaware there is also an unlocking program for the hiddens as well as 2v2 4 player available common’ people lets start playing umk3!!!


Playing UMK3 on Kaillera using MAME32++ .119, Real 2 vs 2 in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, on Kaillera.

(4 players) nwo and Mcnasty VS MGentLifer and RandomSelect

Fully automated server side command swapping. Made possible by the UMK3 Unlocker 1.2 beta.

for more info visit The Home of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Kaillera Players

CMK’s UMK3 Tournament (9-24-2010)

If interested in this one night online Kaillera tournament please join up at classicmk.com and register

Awesome. Keep going there McNasty. lovin it. :