Ultimate mvc3 challenge!

****Now first, let me just say I have nothing to offer, so if you’re expecting to get anything more than a “Kudos” out of this, leave lol.

But anyway, this is for all you people that think that the MVC3 CPU’s are a bunch of chumps that can be defeated easily. Well if they’re such chumps, then how bout you take em all down in 1-on-3 battle huh?

Challenge: Clear Event #38(The Rules Have Changed 05) on Very Hard using NO CONTINUES, and upload the video to Youtube.
Extreme Mode: Do all the above except with M.O.D.O.K

I completed Event #34 with the 1-on-2 battles on Very Hard, and trust me. That ish was ridiculously hard. I used a whole bunch of continues, so I wont even bother trying the 1-on-3 battles on Very Hard. I honestly believe that nobody in the world can do this without some sort of glitch/cheats. But if you can, f*ckin kudos to you.

So yeah. Anyone who wants to take the challenge to prove themselves as the greatest Mahvel 3 player, go for it ^_____^

Pick a good anchor > hit the first character, XFC into a TOD > mixup 2nd into another TOD > dump your 3-5 bars on the last character > win > repeat

I did all events on very hard, its not actually that difficult lol. Above poster is correct just pop lvl 3 xfactor and do as they said. That or you can exploit the CPu AI with things like if the main character gets below 50% they will always switch out relatively soon so sit back andkill the character after the raw tag. You can also exploit things like that the computer only blocks the second hit of sent’s c.m like 50% of the time so its not as hard as you think.

The computer doesn’t know what to do if you fly with sentinel, and do a air H. It is free wins.

Whaaaat? I imagined it’d be like SUPER hard. I gotta see it in action ^____^