Ultimate MvC3 Inputs Are Screwy?


The video is not mine but i’m having similar troubles performing SRK motion facing right (square gate). My execution is correct according input display but a QCF motion comes out most of the time, i found out this one which shows similar experience.

Can someone explain ?


You’re sure you’re doing F, D, DF and not F, D, F?


I think someone mentioned this in the Hawkeye thread.
There’s some kind of input glitch where if you do Forward before going to input a Shoryuken motion the game reads it as a Hadou motion for some reason. For example Strider has a command normal that goes Forward Heavy, I try to cancel that into Ame-No-Murakamo L (QCF + L) but the game reads it as Gram L (DP + L) same with Nemesis, I input Deadly Reach (Forward heavy) and try to cancel it into Clothesline (QCF + L) and I get a Rocket Launcher slam (DP + L). This can be recitified by taking your fingers off of the stick/d-pad w/e and re-do the motion from scratch or waiting a second then doing the motion (Though sometimes this solution can’t work in the middle of a combo or so)


I have the same problem. But it happens when I face left. It either reads it fireball motion or nothing comes out at all. It’s pretty fuckin annoying and has screwed me over in a couple matches.


Well if nothing comes at all sometimes its just general execution fail. I mean facing left with Strider I fail RDP pretty badly when I try to teleport.

But like I said when somethings not coming out the way you want it. Stop, and try it from scratch if you can.


Yea sometimes it’s execution fail I’ll admit, but when I get fireball motions for clearly doing the dp motion than somethings not right. I’m pretty sure this never happened to me in vanilla either.


It’s nothing to do with the “hawkeye glitch”. I had the same thing happen a bunch of times. I think it might be from over-doing the motion, something like F, DB, D, DF.


I had this be a problem for me when I’m playing this game online. I will do a dp and then either get a rdp or something entirely different. Almost never happens offline though


Unless hadouken works for that F.D.F


umvc3 is giving me srk supers even though I’m doing qcb supers. Its happened to me probably close to 50-100 times so far in 9 months. I got it 5 times yesterday trying to DHC. There is something wacky going on with the inputs registering to the game.

and I dare someone to say I can’t throw a fireball or shoryuken lol


You can’t throw a fireball or shoryuken.(Hey, you asked.)


That’s a “glitch” with the DHCs caused by the input buffer window. If you’re holding forward before the Hyper flash animation, you can’t DHC immediatly into a QCF super, because a DP super will come out.

This is what happened to ChrisG at the latest major.


did you read what I posted.

I’m getting srk supers, when doing qcb supers. I’m not doing a qcf super into a qcf super. There is no fwd buffer, I’m not even doing a fwd, dwn, dwnfwd, fwd, motion, its the opposite input. umvc3 is flipping my qcb super all the way around to the wrong direction and triggering a shoryuken somehow off a fireball.

same with doom sometimes. I’ll have strider in and I’ll try to DHC into photon super. so I’ll do qcf+ 2 atk’s, then I’ll do qcb to dhc into photon super and it will come out as doom time which is qcf super. It doesn’t happen all the time but definitely more than enough to realize there is no way I’m inputting that motion.


My bad. I don’t have that issue though.


I find the game often drops inputs altogether online.


You either play an assist + teleport team online or you don’t play at all. It’s easy to get by the input delay, but it’s not easy to do it when every match has a varying delay and whiffing a special into a normal ends up with your character losing 90% of their health (Or dying).


What I find is that often I’ll create a setup with a long hittng assist such as eye of agamato and for whatever reason when the opponent gets caught in the setup dashing will fail even though there was no other inputs being pressed to prevent it from coming out, it’s like the game doesn’t even register it, you just end up sitting there whiffing normals. I don’t know why this happens, but it happens a lot, it also appears to happen from watching online matches where people try to dash in on things like hidden missiles and they just sit there whiffing normals when you know they should have got in there. The game also fails to block pretty often even though I know for god damn sure I was blocking, it feels like I got guard broken which as we know no longer exists in marvel. It’s annoying.


Sounds like most of you just aren’t resetting to neutral between command normals / moves


:eek: While it is sometimes an execution error on players’ parts, there is a very serious issue with the game actually either misinterpreting inputs (especially for DHCs) or just dropping them altogether.

This bug (if you will) does exist and I hope the causes and solution(s) can be examined in-depth before the spring tournament season goes underway.


I’ve experienced this. Also, try this, because it’s something similar:

Pick Iron Man. Do an Air Throw and attempt to ADDF immediately on the first possible frame towards the grounded opponent: if you manage to get a 3 input, clean, IM will ADDF. If you manage to press 2 + 3… Iron Man will Air Dash Down/Back. There doesn’t have to be a 1 input anywhere in the system’s input memory for this to occur. It’s absolutely retarded and has cost me guaranteed damage on many occasions.