Ultimate MvC3 Practice/VS Mode Wishes?

Nows a better time than ever. What are your top hopes of things to be included in practice mode? Im trying to test some things right now and I would really cover more ground if I had another human here, which shows some limitation of whats allowed at this point. So for me:

    When I need to test the holes in a blockstring or want to find some setups for specific matches or just level up my game overall its difficult. This feature alone would probably sell me.

    For anyone thats ever set the AI to fight back, the CPU has a weird habit of punishing just about every rushdown with a raw tag. Its annoying when you’re trying to make an anti-_____ strategy and the computer keeps switching out. I end up having to set the HP very low, killing two characters then turning life recovery back on.

    Sometimes I’m in practice mode and want to do a slight variation of a team I have, which requires me to go back to the character select, there should be an option to take control of the dummy team you set up.

So this is a troll thread right, cause 1 and 3 already exist and its pretty easy to get around number 2 so…

1 exists, but it is such a pain in the ass to access that it might as well not exist in the game. And I don’t think 3 exist(correct me if im wrong) the only thing you can change are the assists.

Honestly I can’t think of anything I would want for training mode other than maybe a full fledged tutorial like blazblue(but thats never going to happen) or an online training mode but this isn’t gonna happen either so…

Here’s what I’d like:

  • A toggle option to display hitboxes.
  • A combo training mode that updates as the inputs to new combos are figured out.
  • A training mode that actually teaches you the basics - showing players how to use x-factor to guard cancel, how to interrupt team aerial combos, how to DHC, explaining the various states in the game and how they affect combos - ie: you can only have one ground bounce during a combo string, etc.
  • Detailed explanations of characters moves, pros and cons - kind of like an Introduction to the character.

It’s perfect as is, I just wish we could go online with it.

… and show where the heck the midpoint of any given hitbox is. cough ammy’s wandering midpoint cough

this this this this this and this, you don’t know how difficult it is to get a nice training session when you are surrounded by COD boys, none of my sparring partners are in the same country. I won’t even mind if there is like a time limit but please can one game add this feature?

Other than that, Im perfectly happy with the training mode. Its all the other modes that are fail, thank God for a spec mode, now all we need is youtube integration, I mean if 3s has it why can’t marvel?

What? It’s one button press away, how easier can you make it?

Hmmmm, ill have to check it out again, last time I checked it seemed a lot less user friendly than in SF 4, but I might have been mistaken.

Where is the record mode in practice mode?

And you can take control of the dummy team?

I dont see this anywhere in the manual and I’ve looks a million times.

The record/playback keys are there in the button config. They’re probably L1 and L2.

It took me forever to find as well. You have to edit your controls and set a button for record and one for playback. I hated it at first but it actually works smoother than in SFIV.

I know it would never happen, but I’d love the ability to use any potential DLC characters in training mode for free. It’s ridiculous to pay for a character just to find out that you don’t like the way they play. Watching videos doesn’t do the job.

To take control of dummy team simply set the dummy setting to P2 and use a second controller. Any gamer worth his weight has at least 2 controllers.

But if I had to ask for one thing from training room, and this goes for any game training mode. Frame data, wish they had a display that showed how ± a move is on block or hit, like one extra line in the combo box. Of course this is not as big a deal in modern day since you can let internet folks grind out the data for you.

Online practice mode…done

Recording practice mode: Go to Controller Settings in Training Mode, select a button you don’t use(8 button pads or sticks work best) and set one button to Record and one button to Playback. When you hit record, you have 10 seconds to record inputs. Hitting Playback will replay those inputs. If memory serves, the playback is actually really intelligent, as it registers inputs like :qcf::atk: as the move instead of inputs. There’s also a “P2 Recording” which will transfer control to the P2 team for 10 seconds.There’s also a “Playback repeat” setting, which will loop your recorded input until you hit the repeat button again.

For taking control of the dummy: In controller settings register a button as “dummy control.” As long as you hold down this button, you’ll be in control of the P2 team.

I play on the PS3 SIXAXIS, and I have R3 set to “Dummy control” if I need to move the dummy(for things like midscreen combo practice.) Have L2 set to “P2 Recording,” and L3 for “Playback Repeat.”

Some other interesting things you can do: If you hit Start+Select(or the Xbox equivalent) at the same time, you’ll reset everything as if you just went into training mode. If you hold Left or Right and then hit Start+Select, you’ll start off in the respective corners.

I’m not sure, but with a second controller you might be able to set the computer on P2 and just task the regular buttons for your desired commands.

One thing I’d like for training mode is the ability to replay something frame by frame, or even a frame count on the input display. One thing I want in general is the option to remove dashing with :f::f:/:b::b:.

Online Training mode

Longer record time

Record bank, ie., save recordings for future use, it would be cherry sweet if we could send these to people too. Obviously good for combo makers, but also for training with friends “OMG, check dat pressure I got with X/Y/Z team” then you load it up and try to find ways around it, etc.

Reversal/pushblock/etc. options, ie., set the dummy to do X on wakeup, or block a combo and pushblock on 4th hit and so on. Recording can only get you so far with tests

it would be a godsend if you could program the AI’s actions like no snapbacks and no raw tags. annoying as hell when you’re trying to play footsies. like when I dash in, get in some light attacks for blocking, then back off, hold downback… then all of a sudden Doom’s foot slams me in the freakin face and I get messed up. what the hell.

OTG Pratice - set the bot to lay on their back (giggdy) and only otgs will set up combos.
Location Set - Have some point on the screen, set the bot, and if you reset, the bot will be in the same spot and not in the middle of the screen. It will save time instead of having to reset and move the character.
and I also like the idea of online practice.

It would be cool is the recording time would be longer. I always try to upload things but recording at the same time while doing combos is very difficult.

So apparently I put my foot in my mouth there is a recording function. But its too short, and I’ve already recorded over my command instead of trying to play it back several times now. There should be a memory bank of saved commands…

As a matter of fact, they should give you the option to program actual commands into the game from the command list, ie: select Hadoken, and have the AI throw unlimited fireballs so you can practice whatever it is you needed to do.